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A Frenchy Festival with Mlle Fab

August 5, 2013

After listening to my voicemail… I had to help Fab, but how?: je suis à Quebec. Sending vin or fromage won’t help… Of course! Take his mind off of the Stampede-induced stupor with some francophone fun: Le Festival d’été de Quebec.


A festival de musique for 11 days in Quebec City featuring a mélange of artists such as Weezer, Coeur de Pirate, Solange Knowles & the amazing Monsieur Stevie Wonder.


To begin, one promenades through the beautiful downtown of Quebec City in order to get to the festival. The sites include stunning architecture, stupendous street front life & SO MANY beardies. EVERYWHERE très GRANDS hommes!


As a dear friend clarified for me, ‘Quebec: the original land of the elusive Lumberjack’ and who doesn’t love a little logging from a furry face gent?

I digress, back to le Festival: a choice between 2 mainstages. Besides real poutine, what could be better?

Maybe you want Bruno Mars to woo your petite amie out of her petites vêtements or perhaps crossing your arms and nodding seriously to MGMT while that cute fille adjusts her Toms & ’80s framed glasses is more your style.


Le choix is yours.

The outdoor venues are perfect, lots of beers as well as places in mother nature to sit, stand or shake your groove thang.

Now if you looking for healthy food, you may want to eat before hand; inside the fences it is nothing but a carb-party. And those french belles be skinny, so Mlle Fab tries to resist the fromage, frites & fresh vin: you’re deliciousness… but you’re cruel!

11 nights of music + amazing line-up + $77 = ba*sez-moi aka a KILLER steal. As RiRi says, “Please don’t stop the music!”


Mlle Fab d’été

nb un petit cadeau: may your Lumberjack always drive the log

Looking forward to reading your comments!