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Calgary Folk Festers Shine!

July 29, 2013

This past weekend, Calgary Folk Festival celebrated yet another successful year of putting on an amazing weekend filled with food, friends and amazing talent!

With only a month passing since Prince’s Island, which the festival is held on, was devastated due to the flood… The hardworking team from the Calgary Folk Festival have pulled off a total miracle to have it ready and looking good!

Princess Island Park Flooded 1

Now I could write about all the great talent like Alabama Shakes to Thievery Corporation who really blew me away, but there is something just as spectacular as the artists who took the stage;

The Folk Festers!

Calgary Folk Festival 2013 FAB (5)

The die hard fans that take on the festival year after year, come rain or shine!

And this year, the rebuild of the island, the great line up and the calm weather brought out the finest… and most handsome!

Calgary Folk Festival 2013 FAB (2)

Now if you’re not 18 yet, trust me, when you get the chance to sip sangria and refresh with the party goers in the beer gardens, you’ll meet some of the most sweet and colourful people on the grounds.

Calgary Folk Festival 2013 FAB (3)

No money, no worries… plenty of kind-hearted people wanting to make sure everyone on the island is fully hydrated!

And if you’re hungry, just give a secret knock on the back door of a food truck and explain your story.

Calgary Folk Festival 2013 FAB (4)

You didn’t plan ahead… And had to spend your life savings on scalped tickets!

But what happens when you’re running back and forth from different stages to catch your favourite acts and your pups are exhausted from all the hustle?

Calgary Folk Festival 2013 FAB (1)

Just hitch a ride with a group of people heading in the same direction!

Tall guys, short guys, skinny guys, meaty guys; the festival brings all the boys and girls to the yard!

Now to get a front row seat at the main stage, you’re going to have to start lining up at 4am and participate in the daily ‘Tarp Run’.

But what if you need your beauty rest and you just cant stomach standing in the back while your dream artist takes the stage?

Trust me, people in the front are the nicest! Show up with some gelato or a bag of BBQ chips and they’ll be more than happy to let you jam out with them until the final bow!

I used to think that a Folk Festival would be banjos and un-bathed hippies but it’s much more than that!

It’s a celebration of people, good music and community!

Thanks Calgary Folk Fest for another amazing year!

Mr. Fab fest


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