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A Frozen Birthday Cake

July 25, 2013

It’s all things Birthday on Fab this week and of course the party wouldn’t be complete without the perfect cake!

But I wanted more then just the typical sugary sweet confection from the local grocery store; I wanted something fabulous… and I found it!

Fiasco Gelatos Birthday Cake Gelato!


Growing up, a Birthday was never complete before getting together with my favourite cousins to make the infamous ‘Mush’

A slice of cake and a scoop of icecream mushed together into a pasty brown mud looking substance.

But now I’m a older busy boy and Its time to have someone doing the ‘mushing’for me, so I was off to the test kitchen of Fiasco Gelato to help critique their technique!


to get started a top secret slurry of milk, containing the ingerdients to give the gelato it’s birthday cake flavor is blended together with a very big power tool.


Then its poured into the over sized slushie machine where it’s chilled to perfection.

Now the reason gelato is so creamy but contains less butterfat then ice-cream (4-6%) is because less air is pumped into the freezing process. This makes gelato thick, creamy and oohhhh so delicious!

Next its time to bake the cake.

And it’s not just any cake… it’s rainbow sprinkle!


With a healthy sprinkle on top the batter makes it way into the oven and when it’s golden brown, it’s time for the ‘mushing’.


But because the gelato that comes out of the machine tastes like legit birthday cake, it’s all about the delicate folding and the leveling of gelato, cake, gelato, cake!


When all is said and done the gelato is spinkled with more sprinkles and cake and sent out to the masses!


This is by far 100% better then the black tar mush I made when I was a child! (Sorry Christal, Megan & Angie!)

Now here’s the good news… and the bad news turned great news

The Birthday Cake Fiasco Gelato was made exclusively for the opening of the Bridgeland Market where Fiasco Gelato has set up their first retail space.


It was created for their 10th Birthday which was celebrated in June and was only to be sold for 1 month.

But Junes past and that’s the bad news!
Now the great news.
I begged them to bring it back for another month so my readers in Calgary could try it and they obliged!

So jump on a horse, a bike or even your best friends back and get to Bridgeland for the best Birthday Cake gelato of your life!

Because after July, birthdays will never be the same again!

Mr. Fab irthday cake gelato

anned to be sold in the month of June.







  1. My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe also does a Birthday Cake ice cream, for when the Fiasco comes to an end.

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