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Turning a Delicious 100

July 23, 2013

My hopes are that when I turn 100 my milkshake will still bring all the boys to the yard… But the reality is: with my genetics, I’ll be looking more like a crypt keeper than a creamy confection!

But a friend has just turned 100 years old, and is looking just as delicious as the day they were born.

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Hellmanns Mayo Birthday Mr FAB (3)

Now this smooth operator and I go way back! In fact we used to be former co-workers!

Picture this:

A hot summer’s day and me and my friend Hellmann chilling out in the air-conditioned aisles of a supermarket.

Hellmanns MAYO

Both dressed in white, we were showing people a good time!

But as time passed, we began to drift a part. Hellmann moved away, on to bigger and better things. He made his way into every recipe book and soon I started to see him on billboards.

Then the tabloids began to report he was dating.

Her name was Olive Oil!

Hellmanns Mayo Birthday Mr FAB (4)

His best friend, replaced by an olive; I quickly tried to forget about Hellmann but summer BBQs were never the same.

Hellmanns Mayo Birthday Mr FAB (2)

Then, last week, a knock on my door and my BFF was back and ready to pick up right where we left off!

Happy Birthday Hellmann, here’s to a long continuous friendship!!

Mr. Fab onnaise birthday


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