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Birthday Cake with Leann Rimes

July 22, 2013

With less than a month away until MY big day, I’ve decided to gear up with a week of All Things Birthday!!

Yes, I’m one of those crazy Birthday people; the ones who think the world should stop and revolve around them on their special day. A parade or a recognized national holiday in my honour would be nice.

After all, I’m a Leo, I wouldn’t expect any less.

But when you’re a Virgo like this birthday girl… Celebrating your special day with friends, karaoke and cake suffice!

Leann Rimes Northern Lights Mr Fabulous

A number of years ago, I had just that moment celebrating Leann Rimes’ birthday with her.

And in these never before seen photos, it was all you can eat cake!

Leann Rimes Northern Lights Mr Fabulous cake

(Tequila might have been on the menu as well that night!)

So to all my readers who love birthdays as much as I do, stay tuned this week. There will be tons of cake, another amazing celebrity encounter, and someone is turning 100!

Lets all celebrate together!

Mr. Fab irthday week


Looking forward to reading your comments!