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Where to Stay & Play in Vegas

July 19, 2013

(Guest Post)

Las Vegas is without a doubt one of the more appealing vacation destinations in the United States. Stage performances, busy casinos, passing concerts and boxing matches, fine dining, and a never-ending nightlife certainly make for a great deal of entertainment! However, many find that when they actually look in to planning a trip to Vegas, the sheer cost of all of this entertainment is prohibitive.

So, how can you enjoy a Las Vegas vacation on an ordinary budget?…


The truth is, if you want to soak up Vegas for all the things its famous for, you’re going to have to spend a good bit of money. But there are certainly ways to have a fabulous vacation without draining your bank account! For example, here are a few tips on how to enjoy one of the city’s newest and most spectacular resorts – the ARIA – on a normal budget.

Book A Deluxe Room

When we think of Vegas hotel rooms, we picture the ones we see in films like The Hangover. These, however, tend to be very expensive suites that most of us can’t afford for the average vacation. The secret is, ordinary rooms – or, deluxe rooms at the ARIA – are absolutely fantastic. Averaging over 500 square feet with features from “cloud”-like beds, to 42 inch flat screens, to touch screen lighting, these rooms have actually won multiple awards, and are available for between $100 and $250 a night.

Enjoy A Spa Pass

Specific massages and treatments will, of course, cost you extra, but a three-day pass to the hotel spa will run you just $80 and help you to have an incredibly relaxing trip. The daily pass offers you access to the fitness center, special fitness pools, hot stone beds, and various other amenities.


Relax Poolside

The cheapest way to enjoy any Las Vegas vacation is to simply relax by your resort’s pool. At ARIA, there are three main pools to choose from, meaning there will always be some nice space available. If you want to kick things up a notch, consider booking a cabana by the Liquid Day Club – a more secluded pool, bar and outdoor lounge. A cabana for the day ranges between $250 and $500 (depending on day and time of year), so they’re not cheap, but they’re also meant for multiple people. Splitting a weekday cabana with friends can be quite affordable.


At ARIA, as at most resorts in Vegas, you’ll find a variety of incredible (but hugely expensive) dining options. Instead of assuming everything costs just as much, however, look around at menus and prices. One fun option to consider: Five50 a pizza restaurant from famous chef Shan McClain. The pizza is simple but gourmet, and the food is very affordable.


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