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Buck This!

July 15, 2013

Every year, I join the wildest party in Calgary and by noon I’ve usually gone buck wild.
But with 2 prior years under my belt, I was back, and this time, I was ready to tame the steed!

Buckin Breakfast Calgary Stampede Westin (4)

It all started with a group of women named team ‘Giddy Up’. They have been stirring up trouble for the past several years.

I joined their gang 2 years ago, I was given the name ‘Fancy Pants’ and since that moment we have been inseparable.

Buckin Breakfast Calgary Stampede Westin (5)

So how does this calm breakfast turn into wreaking havoc every year?

Well skip the eating part and replace it with pitcher after pitcher of your favourite cocktail and you’ll start Buckin too!

Buckin Breakfast Drinks

Now remember, it’s only 8am so you need to take things slow.

You start with a single cocktail and a large glass of H2O. You’re being sensible and you busy yourself with great conversation.

Buckin Breakfast Calgary Stampede Westin moodie

20 minutes later you realize you’ve been talking to a cardboard cutout the whole time and the water you’ve been pacing yourself with is vodka!

Now it’s 8:45am and one of the ladies has pulled out mini water guns.
She takes aim and tells you to open up.
With out time to react, she’s shooting the pistol in your face.

Buckin Breakfast Calgary Stampede Westin (9)

Is that flavoured vodka!?

The party has officially started and by 10:00am several cell phones have already been lost, dropped and spilt on, while the others continue to snap photos which you’re sure will come back to haunt you!

Buckin Breakfast Calgary Stampede Westin (6)

This is the Buckin Breakfast and this year I made it out alive, spurs still intact.

It all wraps at noon and if you can make it until then, you’re your own hero!

Buckin Breakfast Calgary Stampede Westin (7)

Till we ride again!

Mr. Fab uckin bronco


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