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Deep Fried Butter & Bubblegum

July 8, 2013

Each year the Calgary Stampede is a buzz with all things deep fried, and this year I was invited to judge the ‘Best NEW Foods’ prior to them hitting the midway!

Deep Fried Butter Deep Fried Bubblegum (3)

Everything from deep fried butter to deep fried bubblegum were presented before me, and after all was said and done a winner was announced.

Deep Fried Butter Deep Fried Bubblegum (7)

Then, in a flash, I licked my greasy fingers and headed to my computer to write the story for all to see on Travel+Escape.

Denin & Deepfry – Wildest Midway Foods at the Calgary Stampede

Just click the title above to check out the photos of my top 5 NEW treats from the 2013 Calgary Stampede!


What a delicious and calorie laden night!

Mr. Fab elly full of deepfry

  1. Was the winner announced?? What was it? I have to try #1 from the article for sure. Anything deep fried twice MUST be delish!

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