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Getting My Game Face On with Spa Ritual

July 3, 2013

It was the calm before the storm and with 1 day left before all things Stampede hit FAB, it was time to take a minute to compose myself… And make sure I had on the best game face I could possibly have before I enter the eye of the tornado.

And yesterday, I was treated to more than just a minute;

A 90 minute customized facial from Spa Ritual.

Spa Ritual Calgary FAB (3) (Medium)

Now I have been to a lot of spas, but Spa Ritual is by far the largest.

The winding halls and labyrinths of rooms & doorways had me reminiscing of my trip to the Turkish baths in Istanbul… With a few slight modifications.

Instead of having my towel ripped away abruptly from my body, and being thrown into a marble room, I was treated to a very well-appointed change room complete with an oversized cotton robe.

Spa Ritual Calgary FAB (2) (Medium)

Delicious Art of Shaving spa amenities lined the counter and off in the corner, a psychedelic dry sauna with color changing lights.

sauna lights

I felt like I was driving a low rider on a hot summers day, flashing my ground effects; I was ballin!

When I was changed and ready to go, I was whisked back through the maze and into a room that made it clear, I was no longer in Kansas!


The enormous ‘couples suite’, which is bigger than most downtown condos, had it all! A private shower and a spa tub which I’m sure would have fit the entire Calgary Flames team! (A boy can dream)…

My treatment was about to begin; I was nuzzled in the cozy soft bed and awaiting the first warm towel.

As my aesthetician wrapped the first towel over my face, it was as if I was in the WWE and the hot towel was the sleeper hold being administered by a 240lb muscle giant.

My world went dark.

90 minutes later, I was gently whispered awake.

I was certain that the towel must have been soaked in chloroform, but she assured me this was not the case.

Her gentle touch mixed with the warm bed and spa ensemble music playing softly in the background had sent me into a Dorothy Gail slumber.

The tools were all out, she must have done the work.


And when I reviewed my reflection in the mirror, I would agree.

She had softened my face and made me as smooth as a Royal Doulton… I was ecstatic.

So when this Stampede starts running you into the ground, take a moment (or 90) and head out of the core to Spa Ritual for a breather.


So now it starts… 10 Days of Yee-haws and Howdy’s, and lucky me, I’ll be in it to win it with my best face possible!

Thanks for working your miracles Spa Ritual!

Mr. Fab one china


Looking forward to reading your comments!