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Tea Time with Grey Goose

June 25, 2013

Ladies’ Afternoon Tea

Grey Goose Mr. FAB Invite

Noir twist, eh? …ah, oui: Grey Goose Cherry Noir Pour Masters competition! The beloved liquor is introducing a sexy twist to amp up summer nights. What better way to say ‘bonjour’ to Canada than by having 12 mixologists duke it out ‘Cocktail’ style in YYC, T dot, MTL & Van-city– bring on the flare, les garçons.


I was escorted to a booth full of yyc twitterati: ladies who lunch, indeed. Even baller Misty Hamel was in le maison and may I say, that lady is one sweetheart – la ‘bomb’.

The Living Room hosted the afternoon fête, providing magic glasses that seemed to never run dry accompanied by a delightful array of canapés.


2 words. Marian. Beke.

Mixologist extraordinaire originally from France (ooh la la), is one of London’s best loved bartenders at Nightjar. He graciously shared some of his creations – magnifique. Gorgeous & délicieuse. And his threads were spot on: très bien, monsieur – give yyc hommes some leçons, svp.)


Après the mini ‘Marian Sir Mix-a-Lot’ section, the local ‘tenders got their game faces on. 5 minutes to make their original cocktail for Marian & Grey Goose Ambassador Ludovic Miazga.

The deets: Grey Goose Cherry Noir. 1 ingrédient local. 1 ingrédient français.

The inspiration and a story;  AND, they are not allowed to taste it prior to judgement. PLUS, the competitor has to schmooze the judges akin to a customer.

Beaucoup de PRESSURE: winner of ALL Pour Masters competitions (Canada, USA & France) gets their specialty cocktail featured at the Grey Goose sponsored OSCARS party! QUOI?! Ummm my passport is up to date, gentlemen! 😉


Shots were poured, peels were shaped and biceps were flexed – merci to ‘Suspenders’.

Les garçons did Calgary proud. Les ingrédients locals ranged from evans cherry mead to organic avocado purée to specialty blended lager to Phil & Sebastian’s coffee to mon favorit: wild rose petal infused simple syrup – reminders de Paris.


Beaucoup of interesting creations. Standouts for taste: Cherrocado (“Hey, I just went to the gym, I can drink an avocado” Jody – Lounge Burger. Dee-lish alcoholized green tea latte), GGCTA (“To be a good bartender it’s all about the guest” Franz – Añejo. Savoury summer bevie that’s ‘lady friendly’.), Vanille Noire (Braedon ‘Suspenders’- Black Betty Burger & Winebar. He had moi when he used the word ‘remiss’. Plus, he could crack almonds with his pecs after pouring mon beverage, which was akin to caressing a lady’s hair while touching her lady parts: layered sexy – oui, svp.) & Par-asian (Jimmy – soon to open Cube Cocktail Lounge. He filtered the vodka through P & S Kenyan roasted café & served along side paté jelly infused with raspberry alcohol – INSANE & 2nd time WINNER of the yyc portion.) . Honorable mention for Mlle Fab’s Très Belle Bevie: South of France. (Nathan – Milk Tiger. Ex-wife is an antiquer and found the glasses. Truly a pretty drink to behold – the lemon rose: très charmante.)


All of the femmes present will agree that every libation possessed the cocktail trifecta: treat for the eye, tasty for the tongue and tantalizing for the date. IE #letmoiputmyboucheonyourbouche.

Canadian patios: prepare for a summer du sexe.

Grey Goose, you certainly know how to throw an afternoon tea party: merci beaucoup! Apologies for the underpinnings on the floor. I blame it on the Cherry Noir…



Mlle Fab Noir


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