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Jameson’s Belle of the Ball

June 17, 2013

Ding Dong!

A delivery for me!!!

Jameson Whisky

An amazing gift basket from my friends at Jameson Whisky!

As I worked through the delicious cocktail book, I finished with my favourite: Jameson on the rocks!… Smooth sipping perfection!

But then I saw it… Hidden in the bottom of the basket; an invite to a party!

With the event mere hours away and me serving up ‘hot mess’, I needed back up! And I knew just the right person to call!

Frenchy Fab to the rescue!
Here’s what I missed:

So what does one wear to a ball?

Specifically, the Jameson Bartender’s Ball?

Luckily, cette femme has a fairy godmother. The style maven – and namesake of the boutique, Mealan – took pity on this ragamuffin and dressed her appropriately… Minus the glass slippers. (Beaucoup des bisous à vous, Ms. M!)


No pumpkin, no steed, but donning a silk number with ghetto gold, Mlle Fab-erella was ready for Whiskey cock… pardonez-moi, whiskey cocktails.

6 yyc bartenders were asked to create a specialty drink featuring the Jameson libation. And, to make the fête even more fantastique, the Jameson brand graciously invited some of yyc’s movers and shakers to celebrate and sample the creations.

Jameson 2

It must be said, je n’aime pas le whiskey, but quelle surprise: thoroughly enjoyed the specialties!

The Frisky Sour shaken by Bartender Ben: mon favourit. The liquor of honour made it sweet, while the lemon gave it just the right about of tartness. The drink was good but watching BB’s biceps flex made it even better… peut-être!

Jameson Fab

Commonwealth was a great choice of venue as it is spacious, specializes in killer DJs, and shares space with Tubby Dog. (Speaking of, a dog was downed and we’re not talking about a Mission hipster: the veggie cheetah was wicked bon!)

Jameson Tubby Dog

2 main highlights:

The free freshly pressed tee.

Upon donning, a realization occurred: top is multi-purpose. Cool decal on the back, good for easy access breastfeeding or in as Mr. Fab commented apon receipt of the photo, “slutty deliciousness: bar hoe!”

Jameson: has your back while displaying the goods.

Tee Jameson

And secondly meeting 2 Edmonton femmes who were looking for their host for ce soir. All they had to go on were ‘creative’ selfies.

Et voila, like any good fairytale, he magically appeared: c’est fou! Moral: Jameson helps you find ‘family’.

PIC Jameson

And alas, when the clock struck past midnight, even though the live band plays on, any good fairytale princess knows: it is a must to return home before the gentlemen all turn into rats.

Ma première ball. One to remember. Jameson, you’ll always be my first…



Mlle Fab erella


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