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Getting Smutty with Lainey Gossip & Dan Levy

June 6, 2013

Last night Calgary was abuzz with all things gossip as one of the biggest names in celebrity story telling took the stage before a sold out room of hungry tabloid junkies.

It was the Smut Soiree and I was in stunning company with a pair of my readers and contest winners Danielle and Hailey.

Smut Soiree FAB lainey gossip Dan Levy (1)

But before the hen party got under way, we all had to look our best.

Smut Soiree FAB lainey gossip Dan Levy (5)

Sally Hansen, one of the night’s sponsors, was on hand to glam the hands of all the party goers. And with a season filled with soft pallets and wild animal prints, I was in it for the kill

Smut Soiree FAB lainey gossip Dan Levy (2)

4 nails were the perfect amount of flare for me!

Then it was on to the wine… And oh boy was it right up my alley!

Jacob’s Creek Moscato.

Smut Soiree FAB lainey gossip Dan Levy (4)

A bit bubbly… And sweeter than me, I must have sipped enough to fill my gas tank two times over.

Then the time had come.

Dan Levy (MTV fame) and Lainey Lui (eTalk & took the stage and gave us the juicy stories we had all be waiting for.

Smut Soiree FAB lainey gossip Dan Levy (3)

Now I must tell you, that although the duo never shout out the names of the culprits, they do tell the story and make it very clear who they are speaking about.

These were my most ‘clutching my pearls’ realizations of the night;

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer_Aniston party girl

Looks like the worlds favorite ‘good girl’ isn’t as straight-laced as it seems. It might be common knowledge that she likes her ‘greenery’ from time to time… but allegedly she also loves rolling in the ‘snow’ from time to time.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Marriage


Speaking of snow. A few years ago SJP also had a hard time staying away from the winter sports which is why she married Matthew Broderick. She found solace in their relationship and is the reason they got married in the first place.

But this should come as no surprise.

As our host and hostess explained, it seems as though 95% of the celebrities in Hollywood are well versed in ‘partying’

And although my life of partying consists of no more than a few bottles of wine and copious amount of mini hors d’oeuvres, I am not here to throw shade.

As long as my favorite celebrity names continue keeping me entertained… it’s their personal business what they’re up too… or at least until Lainey breaks it to us!

What a great night of dish!

Mr. Fab soiree


Looking forward to reading your comments!