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You Gotta Eat Here!

June 5, 2013

By now you must have heard of Jelly Modern!

The delicious shop, which has a retail space in Calgary and Toronto (opening tomorrow!), has won the 1st place title on ‘Donut Showdown’ on the Food Network. AND, it’s a place where I have been lucky enough to create a FAB treat for!

Jelly Moden Doughnut MR.FAB

But now what!?

In 2012, the beautifully designed shop was featured on the popular show You Gotta Eat Here, and guess what!?

It’s 2013 and they’re back for more!!

Jelly Modern You Got To Eat Here Food Network

This Christmas, Santa, the reindeers and the Canadian population are going to be getting stockings full of holiday inspired doughnuts and doughnut sandwiches from the Doughnut Masters!

Jelly Modern Savory Sandwich

And like the Food Network junkie I am, I just had to be a part of the filming!

Jelly Modern You Got To Eat Here Food Network filming

The day had come and my attendance was confirmed. As I waited for my turn to go one on one with the shows host, I started to snack on a copious amount of treats.

And when it was my turn for filming, I was jacked up like a 7-year-old terror on pixie stixs!

Jelly Modern Peppermint Doughnut

Now I’m not sure that during my ‘moment’ of filming I made even a lick of sense when talking about the seasonal delight. But what I do know was, my eyeballs were popping out of my sugary head the entire time.

And when they yelled “It’s a wrap!” and the filming was finished, I sure wasn’t!

There were still multiple plates of December dandies to be eaten and the hosts and I were not going to let them go to waste!

John Catucci Jelly Modern MR.FAB Food Nework

So get ready world, this holiday season you’ll be seeing hoards of new and outrageous flavours coming to Jelly Modern.

And keep your eyes glued to the Food Network for my sugar glazed moment!

Trust me, if you haven’t been… You’ll wanna eat here!

Mr. Fab eats here!


Looking forward to reading your comments!