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Fab’s Lost & Found

May 30, 2013

Maybe it was the sleep deprivation, or the great company which had me so engaged at last nights soiree that caused me to forgot my very expensive SLR camera lying on the floor beside my chair… But something tells me there might have been more to the story.

Perhaps it was Exhibit A:


Or even perhaps Exhibit B:


Regardless of the trial outcome, it was an amateur move none the less.

Sometimes ‘Cocktail O’clock’ ends well, and others times, well, it leaves you camera-less.

This whole incident reminded me of a similar night out where I lost my eye glasses.

Playing Nancy Drew and using the photos on my camera to retrace my steps, I was shocked when I came across the culprit who was last seen with my now MIA glasses.

Jacob William Hoggard

Jacob William Hoggard from HEDLEY and Mr. Fab

Yes, it seemed that the lead singer of Hedley had  somehow acquired my specs and decided to use them as a tooth pick.

Now, to this very day, I find myself patiently awaiting each new music video release from the pop punk band, knowing that one day, my glasses might be featured!

So what lessons have both these incidents taught me???


I can always replace the possessions!

Mr. Fab & found

  1. Did you really lose your glasses that night? I remember he took them from you and you asked if he was going to wear them and he put them in his mouth. haha Then we discussed how that was a weird thing to do. Why would you put someones classes in your mouth?

  2. Hate when that happens! After wine o’clock on Thursday night, I left my purse hanging on the barstool in Minneapolis. Thankfully a good samaritan turned it in at the front desk. Phew. Disaster averted. 🙂

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