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We Heart Amanda Bynes

May 29, 2013

Now look, I’m not one to write about the tabloids and celebrity drama, I leave that to the professionals like my friend Jes, but this whole Amanda Bynes commotion has got me all in a sleepless stir!


First off, my public twitter request for a 5 minute phone chat with the Bynes went un-answered, so at this point I wont be able to help her set the record straight.


I’ll just have to form opinions and make assumptions like all good media!

So what’s with her radical new look?

Amanda Bynes wink

She’s had surgery: a new nose for sure! And she says it’s given her a boost in her self-confidence.


So why is everyone on the attack?

Let the girl do what she wants with her face and body… It’s hers to live with!

Amanda Bynes naked selfie

I don’t see this many attack tweets directed at the cast of Real Housewives and I can assure you they’ve had a heck of a lot more work done.

And what about her bad girl tweets?

For the most part they’re spam accounts playing off her recent fueds (ie: Armanda Bynes).


But regardless it seems she isn’t the only celeb throwing sticks and stones…


It seems that all is fair in the world of social media.

And although I still have a few questions for her and even though she twitter snubbed me, I’ll always have my girls back!

Amanda Bynes at gym

People might think you’re crazy A.B, but I think you’re fabulous in your own special way!

So for now, this case is closed!

Mr. Fab ynes


Looking forward to reading your comments!