The Stylish World of MEXX

May 27, 2013

With me away, and a mailbox full of fabulous invites, it was time for me to call in my brilliant fashion minded side kick, who accompanied me to the open night of Saskatchewan Fashion Week, to cover a few openings and events.

My bi-lingual cowriter, Ksenia Thurgood, will henceforth be known as Mademoiselle Fab.

Here is her story:

Being a part of the Fab family has more perks than just the unlimited amounts of homemade cupcakes!

Serendipitous invites to attend lovely events, such as last weeks Mexx soirée! An unveiling of their newest concept store at Market Mall in Calgary, AB.

For those who know moi, it comes as no surprise that in addition to Marie Antoinette’s interior designer, J’ADORE delicate femininity – le petit Trianon is basically where my soul resides.

MEXX breguet_the_petit_trianon_1

So upon arrival, my eyes and ears were both woo’d by a delicious duet of what I like to call ‘macarons à la mode’: a handsome DJ spinning vinyl & displays filled with flirty spring frocks. (note: send all to my abode, svp.)

Mexx Opening Market Mall Calgary

When I think of spring, I think of banging… banging colour, of course! And, Mexx is bubbling with flirtatious eye-catching hues. They’re going to help you strut as a classy peacock rather than an overt orangutan – subtlety is key, merci pour la leçon Mr. Suzuki.

Mexx Opening Market Mall Calgary 2
Now some kids got a papa who ignored them. Moi? Mon pére taught me the power of a well fitted ensemble. As such, I’ve always been a fan of Mexx due to the European influence of clean beautiful lines.

And it’s not just for women, but men and children as well.

Mexx Clothing Shop

Need to suit out your whole fam? The new store set up is a one stop shop – don a robe, dress up your Mr. Don Draper and cover the backsides of the offspring in style.

Bonjour, les petites gladiators.

Mexx kids clothing

After developing a rather large armful of fashion finds for myself, I was of to the fits and oui, s’il vous plait, there was plenty of space & ample hooks for me in the dressing room. Unless one is Ms. Lohan on a bender, no one wants their clothing strewn on the floor.

Mexx fitting room

This spring season at Mexx is a great combo of their classic clean lines along with a cornucopia of candy colour for the entire famille. So get grandmère outta the velour and into Mexx’s beautiful rainbow.

La Vie Est Jolie, indeed!


Mademoiselle Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!