The Missing Crisp

May 23, 2013

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, as I was strolling up and down the strip I came upon a massive 4 floor M&M store.

Never one to turn down a veritable buffet of candy, I decided it best to stop in.

Clothing, toys, and office supplies, they had it all… But I was there for the sweet goodness, so I was up to the 4th floor to capture the sugary booty!

As the escalator carted me up to the heavens, I saw this on the wall.

M&M Crispy America limited edition missing

A Crispy M&M!?

How had I never heard of this before? Perhaps they were a store exclusive and I was eager for a taste!

I quickly recruited the help of an employee to find the goods, but my dreams where quickly dashed; the Crispy M&M’s were indeed fugitives and had fled from the Americas.

But the story of the MIA M&M wasn’t about to stop this chubby kid!

With friends and readers all over the world, I sent out an SOS and lucky for me, Germany answered!

M&M Crispy discontinued

They had the Crispy and thanks to a reader named Chloe, they were en-route to Canada!

So were these little colourful dandies worth the world-wide manhunt?

M&M Crispy America


At first I imagined they would be similar to the Pretzel M&M’s but they are not even comparable!

The shell and the chocolate are the same, but the insides…. almost deliciously indescribable!

M&M Crispy America limited edition

It slightly resembles sponge toffee and tastes the closest to the crispy edges on a very buttery sugar cookie!

In short, it’s the best M&M I have ever tried!

Which begs the question….

Why are these not in North America?

Mr. Fab & M


Looking forward to reading your comments!