Marry Me Ross Menuez

May 22, 2013

Like most people, I have a secret love for Cats & Dogs but the thoughts of Muffy scratching up the legs or arms of my occasional chairs have kept me pet free… Until now!

A gay man’s perfect marrige of style and function have been made available in a variety of throw pillows!

Finally I can have my house looking like a pet store without smelling like one too!

Ross Menuez Fauna Pillows H Project

These fabulous cushions designed by Ross Menuez and sold under the name Fauna Pillows for AREAWEAR are my new favourite way to add whimsy and colour to my very white-washed color sceme.

And the price point on these brilliant home accessories?…


Prices range from $28 to my newest prized pup possession at $45.


Seriously, no drool and still a happy face greeting me when I get home, how could I go wrong!

I love the screen printing technique used; visually interesting from afar, and up close!


So if the cutsie little furballs send you itching, time to pick up a litter of these delightful fella’s!

Ross Menuez Fauna Pillows

Thanks for keeping my home poop free and beautiful!

Mr. Fab ark bark


Looking forward to reading your comments!