The Faces of Regina

May 17, 2013

Something was said about the models during Saskatchewan Fashion Week that was totally on the money…

“Our beautiful faces grow here in the prairies just like our wheat” and I couldn’t agree more. Some of the most fabulous faces can be found in Saskatchewan!

And for the most part, the talent stomping the runway have been found by and/or are represented by the Edge Agency


Lisa Marie has been digging up the gems all over the province since 1994, and has been training her army of models to be the best in the industry!

Lisa Edge Models and Mr. Fab Ryan

And this year’s girls strutting the catwalks were exceptionally unique and interesting!

Here are the top 2 girls I couldn’t take my eyes off of:

Meghan Priest

Meghan Priest Model Regina EDGE

Her beauty is haunting!

Meghan Priest Model Regina EDGE agency

Her big eyes told the story of fashion as her tall and slight body carried the clothes down the runway. She was a book of fashion and I was reading every last word!

Railin Knaus

Like a doll plucked from the very expensive shelves of FAO Schwartz I was glued to her every move!


Her look, similar to that of top model Devon Aoki , was ever changing. When I saw her off stage later that night she had morphed like a chameleon into another phase of gorgeous-ness

Railin Knaus & Mr. Fab Edge Regina Model (2)

Now the paid working models were not the only beautiful faces I saw that evening; some of the local residents who showed up to watch the show also had me intrigued.

Tara Osipoff

Tara Osipoff from

A stylish fashionista and blogger, (, worked the pre-party into a frenzy with her looks and her style!

A white tuxedo with tiny shorts, when asked where she picked up her look, she responded by saying, “Nothing from here!”

A bold or a bitchy move, who’s to say. But when you look that good, you don’t need to explain yourself!

And it wasn’t just the people watching the show that were amazingly dressed… So were the photographers and videographers shooting the show.


Sherona from Crushed Rockets,  Motion Pictures and Storytelling

A Film Maker, (Crushed Rockets), had an amazing sense of style with colour washed hair, a fabulous bowed straw hat, and to complete her look: 1 circular pearl earring and one pearl encrusted skull earing on the other side.

I couldn’t help but realize after seeing these beautifully dressed people that I really need to start upping my anti when touring around Canada.

Now there was one last person whom I took note of sitting in the crowds during the show. A beautiful girl who seemed to go unnoticed.

The Muse
Sadly I have no idea who she was. I hope I might have found her later in the evening to take a photograph but, like Cinderella, with the strike of the clock she disappeared into the night.

Watching a video shot by Crushed Rockets, I saw her face again and was able to pull the image.

For anyone reading this that might know who this face is, please let her know that even though she was not on the runway, she is still is still one of my Saskatchewan Fashion Week muses.

To all the wonderful people of Saskatchewan and to the amazing team of Fashion Week who puts this show together:

Thank you for bring so much culture to the prairies!

I have left impressed by your beauty and your style!

Mr. Fab face face face

 Most photos by FAB. Photo credits upon request.

Looking forward to reading your comments!