Interesting Eats with Great Events

May 7, 2013

Whenever I go to an event and I see that Great Events is going to be the caterer, I know I’m in for some good eats and some very interesting presentation.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to their shop for an annual event to taste their new wares!

Interesting_Food_displays_Great_Events_catering_FAB (1)

What stuck with me from the delicious things I ate were some of the interesting and creative ways they offered up the food!

A salmon candelabra…

Interesting_Food_displays_Great_Events_catering_FAB (4)

Of course food tastes better when it’s perched high and dripping with crystals!

Pop art pastries…

Interesting_Food_displays_Great_Events_catering_FAB (5)

A colourful and playful desert table had everything from petite fours to cake pops.

The attractive tables had me feeling like I was one of the kids in the Wonka factory.

A Graffiti Sushi Wall…

Interesting_Food_displays_Great_Events_catering_FAB (3)

A fun way to collect your food. It was like window shopping for eats!

And lastly

The personal smokers…

Interesting_Food_displays_Great_Events_catering_FAB (2)

Individual domes and a ingenious smoker device allows for each plate to be scented with the perfect infusion of taste and smell.

And when the glass lid is removed…

Smoke infusing food

The perfect dramatic reveal that will have all your guests oohing and aahing!

That afternoon my guest and I washed down the amazing food with equally delicious tea infused cocktails.

Tea Cocktails

It was a perfect combination of taste and flair that reminded me why I get excited every time I see Great Events out and about!

Mr. Fab its and bites

  1. I am going to replace every light in my house with a salmon candelabra. I’m sure I’ll run into 200x more things in the dark, but it will be 1000x more delicious so I think it nets out.

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