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The Secrets of National 10

April 29, 2013

You have heard of or visited National. Their first location is located on 17th Ave in Calgary, Alberta… But did you know they’ve quietly opened a second location, 7 blocks away?

National 10 Calgary Bowling Alley FAB (17)

But what makes National 10 so special and sets it apart from all other public eateries in Canada is more than it’s new location.

It’s the first 4-floor adult playground which will feature a 10 pin bowling alley (opening in July), game rooms and several secret and hidden rooms, you may or may never get to see… until now!

National 10 Calgary Bowling Alley FAB (16)

Now although the menu (for the most part) will mirror their sister location, the kitchen its prepared in is a grand area that the public will never get to see.

It’s bright, airy and reserved for the staff, but this July you’ll be able to wind your way up several staircases, past a ping-pong table

National 10 Calgary Bowling Alley FAB (2)

through a private mini National floor

National 10 Calgary Bowling Alley FAB (5)

and into a special area all your own: one of the largest rooftop patios in all of Calgary!

But what are the areas I claim you may never see?

Somewhere in the building there is another special feature called the Bourbon Room

National 10 Calgary Bowling Alley FAB (15)

Behind the curtains where no cell phones will be allowed, a private password ‘speakeasy’ that will allow selected patrons to enjoy uniquely designed cocktails and a space like no other

National 10 secret speakeasy Burbon Room private  FAB (14)

Who and how the invitees will be selected is as big of a mystery as the secretive location.

And just when I thought I had been wowed and seen it all, a real life game of CLUE.

A sliding door opened and behind the wall was one of the most elaborately constructed libraries I have ever seen!

National 10 Calgary Bowling Alley FAB (1)

A private dinning room hidden behind the walls of National. The shelves lined with hand crafted wooden books left me speechless.

The entire space of National 10 is like no other place I have seen anywhere in else in the world!

National 10 Calgary Bowling Alley FAB (18)

To an unsuspecting patron it’s a two-room restaurant and lounge that offers unbelievable food in a dynamic atmosphere.

National 10 Calgary Bowling Alley FAB (11)

But after discovering the rest of the secret spaces, I can assure National 10 is way more than meets the eye!

You’ll have to see it to believe it… if you ever get the chance!

National 10 Calgary Bowling Alley FAB (9)

National 10, you are beyond brilliant!

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