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Welcome to the Juno’s

April 23, 2013

I’m really good at romancing what a party might look like in my head. Sometimes my vision is accurate and sometimes it ends up being very far from what I expected.

This was the case with the 2013 Junos Welcome Reception in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Juno Awards Private Reception 2013 Regina  (8)

This was the city’s chance to make a great first impression, and welcome the media and talent, as a kick off to the weekend’s activities.

Juno Awards Private Reception 2013 Regina  (6)

The event, set in the RCMP ‘drill hall’, sounded like a magical venue full of burly cadets training to earn their famed bowed pants

But the venue, which was nul of decor, was missing the previously envisioned Mounties, and felt more like 1,001 people crammed into a high school gymnasium.

Juno Awards Private Reception 2013 Regina  (11)

I was 16 again, standing on the sidelines, waiting for someone to ask me to dance.

As the DJ played, and I shuffled from side to side, I started to wonder what time my mom would be there to pick me up.

I stood awkwardly as giant trays, of what appeared to be leftover Christmas turkey on a triscuit adorned with a slice of red pepper, circulated the room.

Juno Awards Private Reception 2013 Regina  (9)

Then the big moment came!

The musical pride of Regina hit the stage, Colin James!

Colin_James Juno Awards Private Reception 2013 Regina  (7)

Things where really picking up.

My eyes quickly darted around the room, I wasn’t about to me the last man standing; I needed a dance partner.

Then like an 80’s prom movie, the crowd parted and I was left standing face to face with ‘Best Pop Album’ nominee, Victoria Duffield!

Victoria_Duffield & Mr.Fab Juno Awards Private Reception 2013 Regina  (1)

But after 2 quick songs from Colin James, the stage was cleared and the party was over!

Now I would arguably be one of Regina’s biggest fans; I had high hopes that the city would strut their stuff a little bit more and show the rest of Canada what they’ve been missing… Sadly I think the ‘welcome’ fell a bit short.

That being said, this week I will be sharing some pretty amazing and unbelievable moments and photos from the rest of my weekend at the Junos!

What a roller coaster it was!

Mr. Fab to the Junos

  1. You forgot to mention the streets of Regina adorned with the lovely sight of dirty old mattresses and broken furniture lining the ditches.

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