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What to Wear Wednesday (Dean Davidson)

April 17, 2013

Alright, call me Mary-Kate and Ashley, but I’m in a fierce mood to over-accessorize and this week on my covet list are the jewels from Dean Davidson!


Dean, a Canadian born designer, has crafted his newest collection out of metal composite and interesting stones.


I tried to source on his website what exactly he used, but the simplistic site keeps the materials he uses ‘top-secret’ (or they just didn’t care to list them)…


Because he had not used precious metals or stones, the price point on the pieces range from a mere $120-$200.

I’m in love with the 30″ length of the chains and the geometric design of this necklace named ‘Diamond’


For me, it looks more like a tong from a cake mixer, but either way I still find it delicious!

I find the collection fun, young and priced well.

Interesting shapes that will be timeless in your jewelry box.

So layer up Olsen and get your Dean Davidson on!

Mr. Fab fabison

  1. If you live in Calgary, check out Joydrop in Westhills! Our Dean David collection is now 40% off! Happy shopping!

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