Pimpin my PB!

April 16, 2013

I love when I flip through a magazine, see a product and then for the next 3 months look high and low to find it, only to come up deuces!

Well finally after much too long of a wait, it’s made it’s appearance on the grocery store shelves!

Peanut butter for ballers!


It’s seams that the two little bears where looking to pimp our ride and found a few mixins to toss into their classic.

Cinnamon raisin granola


Which, when spread onto a rice cake, tastes like you’re eating a giant mister cookie sans chocolate chips

Pic cake

And for those who love PB & Banana, Kraft has also come out with a banana granola version.


And this one tastes exactly like you would expect!
Artificial banana with crunchy nuggets.


It reminds me of a banana cream pie blizzard from Dairy Queen if PB where to be added.

With both of them of I am 100% deliciously satisfied! I couldn’t have thought up a better combo myself!

Thanks for upping the antie on my celery!

Mr. Fab utter

  1. I rencently was introduced to this by my friendly local food shoppe and to my surprise the PB & Cranberry is AMAZING! As a peanut butter junkie I’m happy to report your right! It is FABULOUS! Xoxo

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