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Fresh Pair Fridays with SAXX

April 12, 2013

Okay ladies, you know how you go out and spend ‘good’ money on a ‘good’ bra only to have the man in your life criticize you for spending ‘that’ kind of money?…
Well it’s because he spent $3 on his last pair of underwear and has no idea what ‘good’ is!

Trust me, I’ve cheaped out on underwear before too. I’ve always said the only way I’m going to spend $30+ on support is if I hire someone to walk around holding my junk!

Well that time has actually come, but to my surprise, it’s not a person, but an actual underwear that’s doing the job.


SAXX Underwear Men_Amazing_Support (2)

Seriously, this underwear is heavenly! It’s like having your ‘business‘ cradled by two angel wings!

Like a bed with side rails, Saxx has built in ‘bumpers’ that keep the family jewels locked comfortably in the ‘cotton’ safe!


Saxx are comfortable, breathable, and move with your body and make you feel like you’re wearing practically nothing!


It’s a real life version of the emperor’s new clothes!

Now I’ve only found 1 retailer in Canada that sells these hidden gems, and it’s a place you might never think of;


Not only is this place the motherlode of all the perfect swimwear, but they also sell these miraculous men’s underwear!

So guys, trust me… If you’re reading this, buy a pair! It’s like taking your crotch on vacation.

And if you’re a girl, buy a pair!!! Give them to a guy, you will forever be his ‘man bits’ hero!!

Thanks Saxx for the amazing product and Swimco for carrying these little dream boats!

Mr. Fab axx


Looking forward to reading your comments!