The Look and Feel of Nella Bella

April 4, 2013

Tonight at dinner, as I stuffed my face with a donair pizza, I excitedly exclaimed “Who wouldn’t LOVE this pizza?!” and within seconds, one of my table mates replied, “Me, I’m a Vegetarian!”

He was obviously correct!

So today I show my love for the sympathetic animal lovers and share one of my possessions which has been helping me ‘fit’ into your world!

My favourite gym bag ($99) from Nella Bella!


The collection uses a state of the art ‘Vegan’ product that has the same look and feel as leather.

Soft, flexible and lightweight, this is the perfect sized bag for when you’re hitting the gym!

Nella Bella sells products with a mix of materials like nylon, such as my bag shown above, or you can just opt for the full monty which may trick PETA into wanting to toss red paint on your fully synthetic beauty!

So whether you like to keep animals roaming the pastures, or nuzzling up beside your mashed potatoes, I think we can all agree on the brilliant materials and designs from Nella Bella!

Now time to tackle my left over pizza!

Mr. Fab ella


Looking forward to reading your comments!