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World Exclusive: First Look at Tiffany & Co. Ziegfeld Collection!

April 1, 2013

Last week I was trusted with a pretty big secret as one of a very select group of people who had a private 1 on 1 veiwing of the newest collections by Tiffany & Co.

Locked in a room, I was able to drape myself in pearls and black onyx while I transported myself back in time to the 1920’s.

I was a socialite, my name was Daisy and this was the Great Gatsby!


After being named the exclusive jewelry designers behind the blockbuster film The Great Gatsby, which will hit theatres world-wide on May 10th 2013, the heritage company opened their vaults and, working off archival drawings, have custom-made all the opulent jewelry you’ll see in the film.

Great-Gatsby Movie_image_Fab

The drawings from talented designers have been locked away until now.

Some pieces may have been created in the 2o’s, but like the secrecy of the designs, so too are the production records.


Each piece in the film will be a part of the coveted ‘Blue Book’ collection, which will launch later this year, but with costs soaring from the 100’s of thousands into the Millions, Tiffany & Co. has designed a collection inspired by the era which will be sold in store at a cost that will make it more obtainable to a much broader audience.

Tiffany&Co_ZIEGFELD_Collection_Great_Gatsby_Inspired_2013_exclusive (6)

The Ziegfeld Collection

Named for New York’s legendary Art Deco Ziegfeld Theatre which opened in 1927, the line is the newest addition from the 175 year old company and has every bit of glam and old world luxury we have come to expect from the famed jewelry maker.

And as the luckiest blogger in the world, my friends at Tiffany & Co. have granted me the permission to share the collection with you before they launch it to the public!

This is the World’s FIRST look at the collection!

Tiffany&Co_ZIEGFELD_Collection_Great_Gatsby_Inspired_2013_exclusive (5)

The line, splashed with sterling silver, fresh water cultured pearls and black onyx, is simple yet elaborate and unlike anything currently found displayed under the lights of the Tiffany & Co. display cases.

Masculine designs which play to the Art Deco era…

Tiffany&Co_ZIEGFELD_Collection_Great_Gatsby_Inspired_2013_exclusive (7)

The Daisy signet ring features a ‘stepped’ mounting with etched onyx and feels like something you might find in the jewelry box at a ‘old money’ estate auction.

Tiffany&Co_ZIEGFELD_Collection_Great_Gatsby_Inspired_2013_exclusive (1)

The oversized and elaborately designed ladies rings are just as show-stopping and attention driven on the front as they are on the back.

Tiffany&Co_ZIEGFELD_Collection_Great_Gatsby_Inspired_2013_exclusive (4)

Every inch of the Ziegfeld collection was well thought out and researched.

Just looking at the collection made me want to don a flapper dress and party!

It’s time to let the bubbles flow, climb on the table and dance!

Not only did Tiffany & Co. want to make sure I was one of the first to see the collection, they also wanted me to be one of the first to own the collection too!

Tiffany_&_CO Blue_Box_Gift

And what was the item I coveted the most? Underneath the satiny ribbon, a pair of monogrammed black enameled cuff links from the collection!


Thank you Tiffany & Co. for letting me share the marvelous Ziegfeld Collection with my readers first!!

Mr. Fab sy

  1. Ahhhhhh So jealous! Thanks so much for sharing this! Those cufflinks, the pearls with the tassel, that massive ring! Wow! Ill be sleeping with these jewels dancing around my head!

  2. Could really use a piece or two for Friday 😉 Hope to see you…its been way to long!

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