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What’s the (DAVIDs) T? Exclusive Preview!

March 29, 2013

Last year I planned a trip with a good friend to visit India. The Taj Mahal, beautifully coloured saris and cramped trains, I was ready for it all!

Our flights and hotels were booked; We had everything mapped out! Then one week out, the trip came to a screeching halt….


We needed a visa to get into the country! A process that takes a minimum 2 weeks, our vacation was over before it started!

From that day, I’ve always wondered what I missed… and to compensate, I have found myself parading around at home in my make-shift bed sheet sari and eating Veggie Korma, pretending I’m there!

Now, thanks to my friends at DAVIDs Tea, I’m amping up my delusion of being there with their April’s Tea of the Month… And they’re giving FAB readers an exclusive first view before the launch

Bollywood Chai


“This delicately sweet black tea blend has all the warmth and comforting flavour of a fresh spice cake. Not to mention the fun vibrant pop of candy coated fennel seeds, a classic Indian breath freshener!”


Happily, I found this tea more relaxed than a typical chai. Calm, cool, and collected it didn’t leave my throat with a spicy burn.


I’m excited for you to join me an a travelling daydream to India… And if you see me standing next to you in a DAVIDs Tea in my colourful home made sari, say hello, drinks are on me!

Mr Fab ollywood

  1. Get me to the CHAI on tiiiiiime!!!! oh my I imagine it smells delish! i want some. mmmmm. With a cardamom biscuit and I would be SO HAPPY!

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