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Muse is a Must!

March 26, 2013

One day I just know I’ll win an Oscar… My acting is pretty average but I have an award-winning ‘cry face’ like Claire Danes and I’m pretty sure that’s what will win me my golden statue.

Until that day I’ll just have to dream what the award ceremonies will be like. But, lucky for me, last night at Muse I was treated to an Oscar worthy meal!

Muse_Restuarant_Review_Calgary_FAB_Food (5)

Now if you live in Calgary, you’ve most definitely heard of Muse or know someone who’s been.. but why haven’t you gone?

We all want to feel like a pampered celebrity and during my 5 course tasting and wine pairing last night, that’s exactly how I felt!

The meal was so pimptastic that I just had to share it with you. So sit back and enjoy the show!

First up, Rutabaga Soup

Muse_Restuarant_Review_Calgary_FAB_Food (9)

A creamy soup starter (amuse bouche) which featured a sliver of crispy chicken skin, pickled pearl onion and pear.

As I let the clucker melt in my mouth, I instantly realized Colonel Sanders has got nothing on Chef JP Pedhirney!

Next up, Hamachi

Muse_Restuarant_Review_Calgary_FAB_Food (7)

My BFF’s favorite fish, this little swimmer tasted like the salty Hawaiian air; fresh and inviting!

Then out came something I have never had before nor can really describe.

Muse_Restuarant_Review_Calgary_FAB_Food (4)

Listed as the ‘Potato’ course, the dish contained a potato risotto with suckling pig, sous vide egg, truffles, bacon gel and peas.

This is what I imagined my mom thought she was creating when she fried up Spam for us when I was a kid, only this was actually delicious!

As I scraped my plate clean, out came Hamachi’s friend, Sturgeon!

Muse_Restuarant_Review_Calgary_FAB_Food (2)

The fish was crusted and meaty, but I felt like I hit the lotto when I discovered the caviar creme fresh hidden inside the mysterious rolled crisp which adorned the plate!

Next: the Lamb.

Muse_Restuarant_Review_Calgary_FAB_Food (3)

And oh my gosh, I’m a big fan of crispy pork belly but when I saw the crispy piece of Lamb belly… seriously!! I dragged every last bite of it through the black olive emulsion and then licked the plate!

And then like Jennifer Lawrence’s fall, the most memorable part of the night took to the stage…


Muse_Restuarant_Review_Calgary_FAB_Food (6)

Now I could go on and on about this for 16 more paragraphs but I’ll cut to the case;

I would assist in a diamond heist if it meant I could have had two of these!

The toasted meringue was whipped into a creamy bite of angels cloud and sweet potato sorbet was the most original and uniquely delicious dessert I have ever tasted!

As the curtain closed on dinner what I’ll remember the most was the exceptional combinations of taste, textures, and creatively designed dishes.

Muse_Restuarant_Review_Calgary_FAB_Food (11)

Muse does offer an individual dish menu, but the impressive 5 or 8 course tasting menu is the best way to let them dazzle you with their culinary expertise!

So impress someone you love and make a date for the ‘big show’!

This was my golden boy of food!

Mr. Fab couse meal


Looking forward to reading your comments!