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DIY Clock

March 25, 2013

I’ve been on a real DIY kick lately; my den is now looking like a craft store junk yard and is making me a prime candidate for the show Hoarders.

My latest endeavour: a license plate redesign competition for Ford Canada.


The rules were easy… Take 2 license plate sized Ford plastic logos and turn them into something amazing.

Create the best design and get the votes at an exclusive Ford event to be declared the winner, then receive a pretty amazing prize.

So going off my most recent design from my Pallet Redesign for the Home & Garden Show, I decide on a sunburst clock.


To keep a clean and modern aesthetic, I flipped the ‘plate’ over on to the white side to keep things fresh!

But before any cuts were made I decided to create a paper template to ensure I had enough plate to complete my vision.


Success with the paper version, it was time to begin the slicing and dicing of the plastic.


With all the ‘rays’ of the burst cut, I recruited help… I needed to incorporate the name and logo.

My answer? Laser cut acrylic!


Now armed with more pieces of cut acrylic than I knew what to do with, I was ready to assemble my creation.

Epoxy, glue gun, super glue; I had it all…


And after hours of sticky and meticulous measuring I had my final project ready for competition!

A beautifully flawless working clock!


Now sadly this story doesn’t have a happy ending and much like Florida, I questioned the legitimacy of the vote counting!

My clock had lost and the grand prize had been awarded to another crafter.

For the rest of the party I moped about, and although this loss was a thorn in my Leo paw, I know I will come back better, stronger and more feisty than ever next time!

Nobody puts this pouty DIY baby in the corner!

Mr. Fab sport


Looking forward to reading your comments!