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New Malibu

March 21, 2013

This winter has been so long, I’ve personally considered dumping a bag of sugar in the bathtub and pretending I’m lounging on a sandy beach.

But as I searched the aisles for a bag of sugar this week in a Dutch grocery store, I came across this little delight!


A pocket sized Malibu Rum cocktail that can turn anytime into beach time!

The delicious coconut taste mixed with a hint of juicy pear had me imagining I was frolicking on the beach with a couple of tropical hunnies!


Sadly, after I downed the small 250ml can, I was back to reality as the wind whipped my face into a rosy mess!


Not sure if these will be available in Canada, I’ll be ditching some of my clothes and filling 50% of my bags with these!

Winter is over for me!

Mr. Fab each babe


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