McDonalds McKROKET via Amsterdam

March 19, 2013

Every out-of-country experience, no matter where you’re headed, requires a stop at the local McDonald’s.

All over the world, the #1 selling fast food chain is not only serving up the standard Big Mac, but in each market, a special surprise is always waiting.

McKroket McDonalds Holland

And my stop in Amsterdam has dug up Hollands little secret!


At first glance, the sandwich appears to be an over cooked filet o fish smothered in tartar sauce, but it is actually a lot more than meets the eye!

McKroket McDonalds Holland

During the first few bites, as you swish the sammie around in your mouth, you try to determine what you’re about to swallow.

McKroket McDonalds Holland

The crispy corn dog shell cracks open to expose a thick and pasty pancake batter texture with random chucks of beef swirled in.

You’re still unsure so you go to the box for clues..

McKroket McDonalds Holland Not knowing a lick of Dutch, I make the assumption, based on the photos, that I am now eating a wooden cow, a pair of shoes, an extinct dinosaur sauce wrapped in a brown papery dutch flag with a heavy serving of an illegal white substance.

As I wiped the drippings from my face, I grabbed a handful of fries to help cram the gluey substance down and with a swig of soda to clear my throat, the rest of the McMystery went into the trash.

Possibly too refined for my palette, the McDonalds McKROKET was not my cup of tea.

For now I’ll just stick to my standard order of the classic Big Mac…. extra pickles!

Mr. Fab Kroket

  1. If you are still in Amsterdam, try Kapsalon (you can find it in most late night equivalents of our ‘pizza places’)! The best thing you will ever put in your mouth and well worth the extra 3 inches added to your waistline.

  2. Hi! I’m Dutch and the McKroket is, together with the Big Tasty, my favourite burger from McDonald’s. The filling is beef ragout, the sauce is a Dijon mustardmayonnaise. A ‘Kroket’ is a typical Dutch fried snack, no 1 snack in Holland.

  3. My sentiments exactly! I thought I was ordering a chicken sandwich when we were in Amsterdam almost two years ago. The others copied me and ordered the same thing. None of us liked it. I did enjoy stroopwafels though!

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