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Amsterdam’s Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

March 18, 2013

Currently in Amsterdam, I have been invited to experience the Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film festival: Roze Filmdagen

Roze Filmdagen 2013 Fab Coverage

With such a liberal stance on other taboo matters, the opportunity to see what their programmers selected to be included in the fest intrigued me. Would they select mild topics as so many safe Canadian festivals have picked? Or were they going to play it dangerous?

Like no other Film Fest that I’ve covered in Canada or the US, the surroundings in Holland are naturally much more beautiful.

Roze Filmdagen 2013 Fab Coverage
And the location for the 16th annual festival was set in a reformed and stunning heritage site.

A lit up car display from their key sponsor let you know you were in the right place!

Roze Filmdagen 2013 Fab Coverage

Once inside the theatre, things kept getting better!

Unlike the standard popcorn and soda fare, this place was serving it up right!

Roze Filmdagen 2013 Fab Coverage

A full bar, including wines and imaginative cocktails to accompany you into the theatre and to your seat.

Inside, the red velvet covered walls and the sexy smell of cologne got you hot and bothered for the screening, which was moments away!

First up, the shorts!

Adventures in Dating & Cruising.

Roze Filmdagen 2013 Fab Coverage FOURPLAY

From bathrooms to parks, the shock on my face when film maker Kyle Henry paraded Jesus into a group orgy scene in Fourplay: Tampa, was enough to make me realize I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

Then the good, the bad and the illegal; the public act of cruising turned into all out panicked chase scene in my viewers choice pick; The Rookie and the Runner.

Roze Filmdagen 2013 Fab Coverage Rookie and the Runner Short Film

As the credits rolled on the shorts we exited the theatre for round 2 of drinks and then headed back into the theatre for the night’s feature.

James Franco directed

Interior. Leather Bar.

And for this film, I’ll cut right to the chase!

James Franco must have used his notoriety to receive funding which he then misappropriate into a worthless, non-sensicle film to satisfy his own perversions.


It was an embarrassment to all the responsible and talented gay film makers!

The only time I felt connected to the untalented ‘gay for pay’ lead actor or Franco was when they were questioning why this documentary/film was being made.

Roze Filmdagen 2013 Fab Coverage Interior Leather Bar

The movie exploited actual gay actors and served no purpose in story telling.

A waste of my 60 minutes and the festival’s money which was spent to bring the film in.

On my way out I was only too pleased to be the first one to toss my card in the ‘1 out of 5’ box!

And had Franco been at the screening, I would have tossed it in the trash right in front of him.

Roze Filmdagen 2013 Fab Coverage Vote Card

The good news is, this is a world-class 11 day festival and it will continue on. Programming has impressively brought in over 100 films, and I can assure you there will be plenty of amazing flicks screened.

The venue, the people and the outrageously comfortable seats in the theatre will have me back all week!

Roze Filmdagen 2013 Fab Coverage

The festival will wrap on March 24th, so there is still plenty of time to hop a plane, train or bike and come mingle with some of the sexiest guys in Europe!

Thanks for the very gracious invite Roze Filmdagen!

Mr. Fab sterdam


Looking forward to reading your comments!