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March 13, 2013

A new spa has opened in Calgary and happily I received an invite to try it out first!

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I’m a regular spa go’er, and with our city’s hectic climate wreaking havoc on my skin, I’ve got to do whatever I can to keep my money maker smooth and youthful.

Now Babor is more than a spa that offers facials and body treatments, it’s also home to an amazing line of skin care products made exclusively for Babor by award winning doctors.

And for the next month I’ll be exclusively using the Dr. Babor line of products to see if they can save me a trip to the Botox clinic…

Now on to my treatment

From the moment I walked in to the bright and spacious spa, I knew I was going to be in for a different kind of experience.

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As I sat and sipped on a mimosa, I relaxed and admired the fresh, pristine decor.

Several minutes later I was greeted by skin therapist Hercy, and with her came the spa slippers; my nemesis! So like one of Cinderella’s ‘ugly stepsisters’ I vigorously tried to cram my foot in the tiny dance sized slipper… But to no avail – the slippers were not going on!

Then, as I entered the oversized private spa room, I quickly forgot about ‘slippergate’ 2013.

So like a quick change artist, off came my clothes and I was on the oversized bed and under the cozy covers ready for the magic to begin!

Now for the remainder of my hour service (because I drift in and out of consciousness), I can only recall a few unique highlights which I’ve never had in a treatment before.

To start, my dry face was cleaned with a oil cleanser. Normally my products at home start with a wet face and a cream cleanser, so having an oil rubbed on my dry face was an oddly interesting sensation.

For the remainder of the treatment, a variety of products were used on my face and all of them were delicately applied with a soft brush! I’m used to having my face slapped around by 10 digits, but this method felt like an angel rubbing a soft cloud across my skin.

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As I neared the finish line, a paper mask was placed over my face. Confused by the dry mask, I questioned Hercy as to what she was doing.

Unlike the slimy ‘silence of the lamb’ masks I’ve used at home, the Babor mask is placed on dry, followed by a water painting which has you feeling like a human piñata!

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After all the nutrients made their way into my face, the mask was taken off and after a lotion-ing my face was ready for the grand reveal!

And like a newborn, my face was dewy and ready to face the world !

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My facial at Babor was like none I have experienced in the past; it was calm, gentle, and the next morning my skin was softer than it has ever been.

I’m looking forward to my month long trial of the new products.

So next time you see me, if I look more fresh faced than usual, you’ll know that Babor can work miracles!

Thanks for the lovely experience!

Mr. Fab or

Looking forward to reading your comments!