Tasty Tuesday (Ketchup)

March 12, 2013

Remember that small stint of time when Heinz decided it would be a good idea to play with our beloved Ketchup and turn it purple?

Well, they’re at it again, but this time leaving the colour and messing with the flavour!

Balsamic Heinz Ketchup

Now I’m a fan if trying new and exciting products, but when I saw Balsamic Ketchup on the shelf recently in an American supermarket, there was no part of me that thought this could be good enough to try.

But they didn’t just stop at Balsamic. In case you’re looking for a great April Fools day prank for your kids, they’ve also come forth with this little endeavour!

jalepeno Ketchup heinz

Jalapeño Ketchup!

Although I liked the sound of spicing up my hamburger, I wasn’t sure what else I’d do with it… So I opted out of making the purchase.

Instead I’ll just stick to the old fashion way of tossing a few fresh-cut peppers on my meat if I feel so inclined to add a little heat.

Oh Heinz, I commend you for trying something new, but I think you best just stick with what you’ve been doing right since 1869…

Red and tomatoey!

Mr. Fab 57


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