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Broadway Across Canada 2013/14 Season Announced

March 6, 2013

Last week, I was one of the lucky patrons in attendance for the 2013/2014 landmark season announcement for Broadway Across Canada.

Having the opportunity to have seen Broadway in NYC and London, I have been a regular and ecstatic fan of the Canadian touring shows that travel across the country!

So when BAC included in the invite that they would be hosting a very special guest during the launch event, my mind started to wander… Who could it be!?

The season was to include Les Miserable and West Side Story; but what would the 3rd be?

Then to annouce it, a special guest trotted onto the stage.

Joey Broadway WarHorse BAC


‘Joey’ the 90lbs star of the show of the show made his way through the room and onto the stage; the crowd of invited guests were awestruck!

The ‘puppet’ which takes a team of 3 talented puppeteers to bring to life, includes a roster of professionally trained and credited dancers and actors. (Joey Walks)

And their path to become Joey was more taxing than the typical 4-5 minute Broadway audition.

3-3 hour sessions, which included everything from movement to voice work. (Joey Talks)

The up-close and personal meeting of the famed broadway star reiterated the sheer talent that makes its way across the country each tour.

So if you’re one of the lucky residents living in a city where the tour stops, now’s the time to become a season ticket holder. Not only will you save money, but you’ll secure the best seats and be invited to great events like this launch.

Ticket packs are as ridiculously low as $132.70 for all 3 show combined!

So treat yourself to a year of Broadway!

I’ll see you there!

Mr Fab roadway across Canada


Looking forward to reading your comments!