Roosevelt Opens

March 4, 2013

Last week, I had the opportunity to take in some delicious eats at one of the newest hot spots to join the 17th Ave family in Calgary, AB.


Roosevelt Calgary 933 Group

Receiving a digital invite, I was excited by the sexy old school Hollywood glam that seemed to be the marketing key on this project; So when I arrived the night of, being handed a glass of bubbles seemed to be a right fit!

As I poked around the wide-open space and concrete industrial interior, I was disappointed not to see any opulent crystal chandeliers, but I was quickly distracted by the sexy pops of red and bright, open concept kitchen.

Roosevelt Calgary AB 17th ave Resturaunt (1)

Clearly, the heart of the restaurant, the kitchen, had me hypnotized as the chefs buzzed around; working hard to produce some delicious eats!

After a quick stop in front of the step & repeat, my guests and I took a seat perched high a top a 4-top.

Roosevelt Calgary AB 17th ave Resturaunt (5)

We received a warm welcome from the Roosevelt team and a description of the menu we would be sampling… Our tummys were growling in anticipation.

Then, like an angel descending from heaven, Executive Chef Ryan arrived with a large tray of goodies!

Roosevelt Calgary AB 17th ave Resturaunt (7)

As the pub style charcuterie was set in front of us, my mouth began to water; I was eager to get started!

I was most impressed with the presentation of the Chorizo Corn Dogs

Roosevelt Calgary Chorizo Corn Dogs 17th ave Resturaunt (6)

All components are made in-house, including the sausage and the ketchup & mustard they were served with.

But my favorite item on the board was the Braised Beef Bites

Roosevelt Calgary AB 17th ave Resturaunt (8)

Deliciously smothered in Bourbon BBQ sauce, these crispy bites had me wishing I didn’t have to share!

A few drinks to wash it all down and it was time to thank our host and call it an evening.

But before we could stand, another amazing delivery of mini milkshakes and mini donuts arrived table side!

Roosevelt Calgary AB 17th ave Resturaunt (2)

Upon delivery the waitress shared with me that on Saturdays & Sundays from 10-2, they actually comp this sweet treat to all their patrons who come in for brunch!

So as we finished our last warm sugary donut, myself and my guests planned our next attack, hoping to get together one of these weekends for eggs, beef bites, and deserts!

I like your swagger Roosevelt, I can’t wait till next time.

And let’s be honest, you had me at mini doughnuts & milkshakes!

Mr.Fab shakes


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