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My Pallet Re-design for Charity

February 28, 2013

Last month I was approached by my good friends over at the Calgary Home + Garden Show asking me to participate in a charitable aspect which would support the Make-A-Wish foundation.

The concept was simple:
Take discarded shipping pallets and repurpose them into something amazing.

Without giving it a second thought I quickly said yes; after all this was for charity and I was eager to help!

A few days later the pallets arrived at my home… and reality hit!

Pallet Picture New

I live in a tiny in a condo, with no carpentry skills, no tools… and a fabulous manicure!

What the bleep was I going to do with 2 very large pallets which were now lying on my plush carpet? The only thing my ‘tool box’ contained were several containers of glitter and a vintage be-dazzler’.

Then the answer came to me!

Cheat a little

So after hours of scouring the internet for ideas, I armed myself with the only tool I knew how to use; my credit card. And several trips to multiple lumber stores later, I had what I needed!

Mr Fab with Lumber for Charity

A bundle of perfectly sanded and planed wood… After all, this wood ‘could’ have originally been pallet wood!

Then a few phone calls to my friend’s husbands and I was equipped with a jig saw; I knew I was well on my way to something pretty!

JigSaw Pallet transformation

But suddenly, with a tummy grumble, the project was on hold. All this manual labour and my inner Martha Stewert was begging to come out!

It was time to bake!

Cookies and construction

So with fresh cookies and Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion playing on TV, the project took a hiatus for the next 10 days.

Wooden Cookie Tray

But before I knew it, the dead line was quickly approaching. I decided it was time to call in back up.

A ‘crafty’ friend from London was visiting and I knew he had the rest of the tools we needed.

Pallet Mirror DYI

As we swooned to Roxette, the project began to take shape and after Craig lost all his fingerprints to hot glue, I took over and finished assembling the masterpiece!

Lastly, a call to an automotive store and one very expensive cut mirror later, my monstrosity was ready for the show!

Pallet Mirror DYI for Make a Wish Foundation Home & Garden Show Calgary Fab

Now this week at the Home + Garden Show in Calgary, my fabulous garden mirror, created from repurposed ‘pallets’ will be up for auction!

And hopefully it will receive a bid as large as the personality of the maker to help someone else’s dreams come true thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation!


So at the very least, pop by the show or check out my show bio and tweet me what you think!

It was an honour being able to participate!

Mr. Fab & garden pallet redesign

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