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Winners of Winefest 2013

February 26, 2013

Last night I was finally sober enough to pick up my car from the Big Four building on the Calgary Stampede grounds. It had been sitting there since Friday… opening night of Winefest.

Multiple Vineyards under one roof sampling hundreds of wine.

Last year I covered the reds and this year I decided to cover the rest… my mistake!

Whites, Ports, Bubbles and 30 minutes later I forgot my own name.

After 24 hours had passed, I went through my pockets to piece together the night: there I found a handful of business cards, crumpled papers, dirty napkins and a pad full of very organized and detailed notes.

Crumpled Papers and Buisness Cards

So without further adeux, here are the award winners and ‘must tries’ from the 2013 Winefest!

First up, Prosecco.

Now, I like it sweet… but for my BFF’s who like things mild with a bit of effervescence, Giusti Prosecco is a sure bet.

Winefest Calgary 2013 Top Picks (3)

They’re hard to please, but I know they’d be sucking back these mid range $20 bottles faster than I could open them.

Now if you like it sweet then Tsantali Winerys Vinsanto, which tastes like a cross between a Port and a Moscato is so sweet and delicious, it’ll make your eyes water and teeth quiver.

Winefest Calgary 2013 Top Picks (2)

It’ll be a regular at my dinner parties!

And not finished with the sweet, this year VOGA released a Moscato that tastes like a Scratch & Sniff sticker and is as delicious as the bottle is stylish!

VOGA Moscato Winefest Calgary 2013 Top Picks (6)

And the price point ($16-$18) is so affordable, I can buy one for the party and one for my friend’s purse.

Another winery that released a new product this year is Cupcake Vineyards.

Winefest Calgary 2013 Top Picks (4)

Their Angel Food chardonnay is light and cozy! Baked apples and hints of toasty vanilla combine for a creamy mouthful!

Okay so maybe you’re not the sweet, candy-like white wine fan… what did I find for you?

Fog Crest Vineyards!

Winefest Calgary 2013 Top Picks (5)

This boutique vineyard produces as little as 2000 cases per year and their white blends were so light on the palate that I mistook them for a fresh glass of water!

As the night wrapped up and I went to meet my cab, I made one last delicious discovery!

Jared Burns, owner of Revelry Vintners.

Revelry Wines WINEFEST 2013

Sadly, this 31-year-old was taken… But his wines are still up for grabs!

His father, who was the inventor of the synthetic cork, had Jared tipping back the bottle at the age of 12 and he has now developed an amazing palate and an amazing collection of wines!

This year I was not only lucky enough to attend one of the best Winefests yet, but I was able to engage with many of the Vineyard proprietors who were in attendance.

It was a night of Brilliant wines, from brilliant and passionate people.

Now that I’m back on 2 feet, I can honestly say:

I can hardly wait until next year!!

Mr. Fab ottles of wine


Looking forward to reading your comments!