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Stillwater Spa Review

February 22, 2013

Finding a spa I love is like Indiana Jones trying to find the holy grail… But much like Harrison Ford ends the movie, I too have found success.

Welcome to Stillwater Spa Calgary!

I’ve often wished there were more hours in the day: time to eat, make money and pamper myself. But with only 24 hours on the clock, all those tasks are seemingly impossible… until now!

Stillwater Spa Hyatt

Last week I was I invited for one of the most enjoyable afternoon spa dates I may have ever had!

Stillwater Spas “nourishing nooner”!

As I arrived at the check-in counter I was greeted by a welcome staff who quickly wanted me to get comfortable!

Off with the shoes I was offered a pair of squishy sandals – in my size – so I could air out my tootsies.

Man has walked on the moon numerous times, but a spa sandal in a men’s 13… This was a first!

Off to the change room and suddenly my relaxing spa moment took a creepy turn.

Stillwater Spa Mens Change Room

Now maybe it’s just me, but stripping down in front of a stranger has never been my cup of tea, so when I needed to disrobe to robe up, with nowhere to hide I was left to ‘perform’ a solo strip tease whilst a fellow spa-goer laid back in the jacuzzi jetted tub and stared on.

After making a Houdini quick change I sprinted for the solace of the steam room praying my assailant wouldn’t follow me in.

And as the dewy eucalyptus scented room transported me back into a place of calm, I was once again in spa heaven.

15 minutes quickly passed and it was nearly time to meet my aesthetician in the staging area

As I entered the room I made a B-line for some refreshing cucumber water and handmade granola bars and then tried to find a seat.

Coffee and Cookies

The waiting room was small and with all six chairs taken by a loud family who were hosting a reunion, I found myself forced to side straddle the pummel horse which was set centre stage.

But this didn’t last long as I was rescued by Sarah who quickly escorted me upstairs and into one of the most beautifully maintained spa service rooms I have ever seen.

As fresh daylight poured through the large windows, my tea was refilled and the warm foot bath was waiting for my express pedicure.

Mens Pedicure

Now this where Stillwater Spa got me hook, line, and sinker: it was the best pedicure I have ever had!

My aesthetician Sarah clipped, filed and buffed my nails to a mirror like sheen. She paid more attention to my tootsies than I paid to my entire high school career.

But the bliss wasn’t over; a lower leg exfoliation and a lotioning to match, the quality and scent of the products had me begging for more.

With my little piggies picture perfect, I was escorted back downstairs for the perfect ending to the perfect treatment; a healthy spa lunch!

Spa Lunch Beautiful Salad

The attention to detail and the deliciousness of the salad has had me dreaming of going back from the moment I walked out the doors.

Delightfully, my ‘nooner’ had turned into an afternoon of relaxation!

With so many spas to try, getting me to spa at the same place twice is almost an impossible task, But I was so impressed with the gorgeous facility and quality of service and staff, that I not only have purchased a spa day for a friend, but re-booked another for myself.

I can’t wait to go back… creeper and all!

Mr. Fab water spa


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