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Secrets Revealed for Big Brother Canada

February 21, 2013

Yesterday the competitors for Big Brother Canada were announced, and today an internal source revealed to me several secrets including the home’s address!

Today in Mississauga Ontario, the show will be filming a very special introduction that will conclude with the houseguests moving into the house that they will call home for the next 10 weeks.

Big Brother Canada Logo

And who will be moving in?
Lets talk about the casted house guests.

Big Brother Canada House Guests!

First off, I was majorly shocked when they announced the provincial ‘roll call’ of the cast and none of the selected house guests were residents of Quebec.

So what happened in Montreal?

Maybe the people there were too hot to handle!

This is where I met the producers during my ‘live audition’ and if there was one reason I thought I might not be cast after being seen there, it would have been because I was not good-looking enough based on city standards.

Seriously, sitting in the waiting room, hottie after hottie made their way in and out of the interview space. Things got so good-looking as a matter of fact, that I even considered packing up my pride and leaving.

Big Brother Canada Producer Gift Montreal

But me and my pumkin stayed (it was Thanksgiving) and later that day I sat by my phone waiting for a phone call that never came!

So, like a women scorned, I ask…

Who did they cast?!

Big-Brother-Canada-Tom Fire Fighter

In the photos of the ‘chosen ones’, Thomas Plant – the Firefighter from Edmonton –  is the only one who comes 50% close to what I saw in Montreal, but the smug look in his face tells me he’s been Mr. September in one of those charitable calendars they sell at my grocery store.

Looking at the list, I am horrified that the Canadian version has decided, unsurprisingly, to use strong stereotypes to fill the house.

Big-Brother-Canada-Gary Gay

Gary Levy, who I’m assuming is gay and took my place, might as well have let them photograph him with a tiara.

Big-Brother-Canada-Suzette Surry Girl

While Suzette Amaya from East Van, took on the ‘husky-girl’ stereotype.

Not surprising, the list goes on, typical and boring; Canada trying to fill the big shoes of its American counter part.

Albeit average, they did do one thing very right. Not casting Erin Bieber, Justin Bieber’s tacky fame whoring step-mom who applied!

So for season 2, if we are lucky enough to see it… Might I suggest you take a second look through your hottie Montreal applications… Oh, and next time don’t forget to include the bitter, sassy, plus sized, crowfooted washed up ex-model… Mr. Fab!

See, I can take it just like I can dish it!

Lets get ready to rumble house guests!

Mr Fab ig brother

  1. I wish you were on it! But I am excited to watch it anyways. I hope the big stereotypes get kicks off first. They cast that way for the canadian bachelorette and I hated it. I don’t know why they have to make canadians look ridic!

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