Eating Nuts

February 20, 2013

I am usually up to try anything once, but after spending so much time in the USA I’ve decided one thing I will never ‘try’ is to invite an American over for eats.

With so many grocery options available in the States and such limited options available in Canada, the food you’ll serve will never appease your southern house guest!

This week we talk nuts… Particularly almonds!

Rosemary & Black Pepper Almonds

For my entire life I have been satisfied with a handful of these little protein packed delights, but a recent trip down the aisles of an American grocery store has changed that.

Hananero BBQ Almonds

Now sure, I’ve had candied almonds and I’m certain I could sprinkle a little tabasco on my plain ones so they mimic the ones above, but how the heck would I re-create this combo?

Toated Coconut ALmonds

I suppose I could take intermittent swigs from a bottle of Malibu Rum in between chews.

But this….. Do I look like a Japanese Sushi Ninja?

Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds

And lets not even get me started on these little jittery numbers!

Coffee Flavor Almonds

Now I’ve seen it all…. or have I?

We all know America is the home of the brave and apparently the home of the ‘WTF’!

PB & Jelly Almonds

Peanut Butter and Jelly Nuts… Of course, lets take Almonds and make them taste like Peanuts… That sounds about right!

So to my discontent American friends… I’m sorry, I’ll never be inviting you over for snacks!

Mr. Fab asic and plain


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