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February 13, 2013

There has been another exciting birth on 17th Ave in Calgary, AB.

I’d like to welcome the newest member to the foodie family:


Market 17 Calgary AB FAB (1)

The concept of providing local and fresh-from-the-farm ingredients is thrown around by a lot of restaurants, but owner Vanessa Salopek puts her money where her mouth is and displays them proudly for all their patrons to see in Calgary’s first commercial Urban Cultivator!

Market 17 Calgary AB FAB (9)

This beautifuly designed restaurant not only houses their own ‘grow-op’, but introduces ‘living’ elements throughout their space!

Market 17 Calgary AB FAB (5)

I was lucky enough to have been invited inside for a sneak peak on Friday, the day before they went public, to try some of the amazingly inventive food.

Market 17 Calgary AB FAB (10)

The Foie Gras Macaroon was like nothing I had ever tasted before. The creamy/savory concoction was such a hit at the party that I actually had it stolen off my plate when I wasn’t looking.

But thankfully there were numerous other options.

Chantilly Cream topped cooked eggs, Bison Tartar, and Scotch Quail Eggs… Just to name a few!Market 17  Unique Menu But then I began to crave the sweets, and with a simple request for an additional menu item, I was invited into the kitchen by Executive Chef Geoff Rogers to make Beet Creme Fresh Ice Cream!

And to my delight, this was going to be as much cooking as it was science experiment!

Market 17 Calgary AB FAB (8)

Using his pre-made formulation, a mixer and liquid nitrogen, I was about to hit a home run in the dessert department!

But ice-cream in a bowl is child’s play… and here at Market, they go all the way!

Market 17 Cookie

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with a healthy dollop of beet ice-cream, the party filled with excited foodies squealed with excitement!

For me, Market was more than just sitting down to dine: their unique menu, stunning decor, and passionate chefs make this restaurant an eventful experience for the senses!

Market 17 Calgary AB FAB (6)

They are certainly going to make a beautiful addition to the 17th Avenue family!

I’m glad you were born!

Mr. Fab 17th


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