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Mr. Schmancy Pants

February 12, 2013

Over the past year I have continued to fall more and more in love with the Glenbow Museum; the installations over the past year have been so exciting and fresh.

And on Saturday, Schmancy, the galleries annual fundraiser, was the icing on my cake!

Schmancy for Avenue (1) (Large)

Billed as a “Raucous Night of Arts and Culture” the evening was as rowdy and disorderly as promised!

This year’s guest speaker George Stroumboulopoulos did more than just talk.

Rebecca & George Stroumboulopoulos

In an exciting twist, Actor and Playwright Rebecca Northan invited George to share his stories while she guided him through a ‘Blind Date’. Similar to that of her popular touring stage performance.

Rebecca Blind Date Schmancy

A perfect way to include local talent and truly embrace arts and culture!

The ‘date’ concluded with a kiss and the crowd flocked in their frocks into the gallery.

4 floors of food, wine and roaming games of Balderdash which made its way throughout the event.

Schmancy Glenbow 2013 FAB (4)

Strange artifacts, and it was up to the guests to figure out what they were.

Then, my favourite part of the night.

Like a parting of the Red Sea, the crowd split and the amazing Sophie Serafino, armed with her violin, wound her way through the onlookers with her captivating performance.

Schmancy Glenbow 2013 FAB (2)

This was truly a night of the unexpected!

As I looked at my watch and realized the clock had stuck midnight, I found myself up on the 4th floor in Pivot, tearing up the dance floor.

Schmancy Glenbow 2013 FAB (1)

A sweaty mess with enough food and wine in my system to host another party, I decided it was time to call it a wrap on another successful Schmancy.

Thanks for the great evening Glenbow; you continue to excite me!

Mr. Fab ow’s Schmancy!


Looking forward to reading your comments!