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Confess Your Love (DAVIDs Tea Giveaway)

February 8, 2013

What do I love?


But since I’m trying to steer clear of Type 2 Diabetes and about 5 pounds this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be face first into a different variety of Chocolate Box this year… And so will you!

I love my friends at DAVIDs TEA, and they love my readers… As such they’ve got a Valentine’s Day gift for you!

One lucky reader is going to be receiving this entire collection in the mail!

DAVIDs TEA Chocolate Box

It’s every bit as decedant as the tummy expanding sweets, but with virtually no calories.

The set includes their popular Chocolate Rocket, Mint Chocolate Rooibos, Read My Lips, Chocolate Orange and the to-die-for Red Velvet Cake teas!

But that’s not all you’ll get!

They’re also including a set of ‘Perfect Mugs’ so you can sit across from your lover and get all googley-eyed while you enjoy their tea together!


For me, Valentine’s Day is about sharing and letting your loved ones know you care!

So to win, you’ll have 2 ways to enter:

#1 Comment below and tell me:

“Who or What do you love?”

Maybe it’s your cat, your neighbour, the guy you met last Saturday, or simply chocolate cake… Make your confession below and let the world know!


#2 Tweet the following:

I’m spreading the love with @immrfabulous & @DAVIDsTEA
You should too! A tea giveaway!

The lovely winner will be chosen on Valentine’s Day!

Cute Teacup

Mr Fab xoxo DAVIDs TEA

  1. I love food from the USA that is not available in Canada. Whenever someone is heading across the boarder, I am forever begging them to bring me chocolate chex cereal, rotel or some other “necessity”.

  2. I am currently in Budapest and I love that they call strudels ‘health food’ and consider thermal bathing just as good as hitting the gym. I love it. And my husband is pretty marvelous as well for taking me here on my birthday. Woot!

  3. I love my husband Aaron, he makes me all gooey inside, * similar to a delicious caramel chocolate. Which I also love. I also Love my dearest Kitty Cat Herman. He is a handsome gentleman. I love YOU MRFAB! *MUAH!

  4. I love reading Mr Fabulous’s blog while drinking a cup of David’s tea! and of course I love my family!

  5. The thing I love most is my new Teal Bubble Teapot from DavidsTea – it’s gorgeous! The only thing it needs now is a delicious box set of chocolate-flavoured teas…

    Sweet mother mary, this prize pack is awesome!!!! Have all of my fingers and toes crossed, this would be so fantastic to win! Love, LOVE DavidsTea – and I love the immrfabulous blog most of all. πŸ˜‰

  6. im a lover…i love a lot of people, i love culture, i love to travel, i love my dog Jake but most of all i love my best friend and my wife Amanda who is my true love…

  7. Ooh I love Davids Tea, pick me please! Tied for first place in my food&drink love category is chocolate so that would be a perfect combination for me!

    I can’t tweet (I’m twitless) but I can FB share πŸ™‚

  8. I love moose. seriously I really LOVE moose. they are so canadian and goofy looking and no one messes with them and they are vegetarian like me. Last weekend I saw two moose. it was a moose bonanza. I told people about this double whammy moose sighting but few shared my enthusiasm. that’s all.

  9. I love tea! Especially tea that makes me think I’m having dessert! And I love you Mr Fab and all of your wonderful giveaways!

  10. I also love that amazing little cup you are sipping from in that bottom picture! Where do I get me one of those???

  11. I love late Saturday nights, and lazy Sundays, and cuddles and laughter and the smell of rain. πŸ™‚

  12. I love chocolate a lot, but I love my fiance, the man I’ve been with for 8 years the absolute most. He’s been a rock for me as my family and I go through dealing with my mom’s incurable brain cancer. I would be a complete mess without him.

  13. I love life, my husband, my child, my assorted furry family members, and I really love it when any of them make me tea (especially the furry family members, it is harder for them, no opposing thumbs).

  14. I love my wife, my family, my friends, and my job. I am overwhelmed with love!

    I also love that St Valentine’s bones are on display in Rome in the creepiest reliquary imaginable.

  15. I love sushi! My boyfriend and I go to sushi club in Kensington every week. My boyfriend is also ok too πŸ˜‰

  16. I love, adore, admire and am blessed to be my husbands wife. He’s been there for me every minute of every day to support, encourage, love and inspire me. Life has thrown us many curve balls, but I can honestly say I’ve never had anything so easy and had so much fun as being married to my husband. I wish I could slow down the clock, 22 yrs has gone by way to fast!

  17. I love my DH. I also love that you are trying to steer clear of Type 2 Diabetes.
    wrotek5 (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. This Valentine’s Day, I love friends and family!
    and of course Mr.Fabulous and David’s Tea<3 πŸ˜‰

  19. I love my beautiful wife and I love the morning when we can wake up before the kids and share a nice cup of tea.

  20. I love my husband! We met because of mutual friends on fb started talking online then the phone then Skype 4 months later met became an official couple the next day then 3 months later we got engaged then a little over two months g

  21. Oops posted to soon… So less than two months later or married… 10 months then married then moved from Oregon to Regina, SK Canada where my husband I now live πŸ™‚ I love love… It hits ya when you don’t plan for it!

  22. I love my Husband (Ron) he is so fabulous just like Mr. Fabulous.We love the Fabulous tea also at David’s tea for so long now!Too many fabulous tea to choose from!

  23. I love my daughter, and our wonderful ‘tea dates’. We come from a British family so tea is a huge part of our life!

  24. I’m in love with my American Express SPG πŸ™‚ can’t get enough of those bonus points to then go on shopping trips while staying at nice hotels! Def worth every penny of the annual fee!

  25. I LOVE my life!!! I love me husband, my little boy, my dogs, I don’t mind my cat, My friends, I love music, sushi, shopping, and mostly I LOVE My Fabulous!!!

  26. I love my two little boys πŸ™‚
    I have also been wanting to try David’s Tea, have been hearing great things about it!! Also went to high school with MR. Fab……..I won’t say when or where for both our sakes πŸ˜‰

  27. I love my job. I commute 2 hours each way on public transit to get there, so that alone should be proof that I love it – Haha. I know that loving your job can be quite a rare thing in today’s economy, so I try to never lose sight of the fact that I’m very lucky to have found something that I continue to love after 2.5 years of 4 hour daily commutes. Also, I drink David’s Tea at work everyday and I’m just about out of my Chocolate Chili Chai tea (which is seasonal and I’m super sad about that). I love chocolate teas, so winning this would make me love you!!!

  28. YUM!

    I love my boyfriend, Keith, my sweet dog, Squirt, and knitting/crocheting! Oh and drinking loooooots of tea! (Speaking of… I’m off to turn on the kettle!)

  29. I love hot yoga. I have fallen completely in love with it in the past two moths. Unfortunately, as a student, it is pretty much impossible to pay for a monthly membership. So instead, I am interviewing today for a volunteer position so that I can still enjoy practicing without having to worry about my finances! Yay, hot yoga!

  30. Do you know I love besides tea, and I’m not just saying that- I have a cubbard devoted to my collection, I love dance crews!! The joy I get from watching those ridiculous step up movies,expecially the newest one in 3D gives me more joy than a kid on christmas… Now the world knows, its my guilty pleasure and if I have any rhythem I would be in one ! Shhhhh…

  31. I love my common-law partner, we’ve been together for four years (five this year) and we’re still crazy in love πŸ™‚ He also happens to love tea now, thanks to me πŸ˜‰

  32. I love my partner, our dogs, my family and life. Of course we both love David’s Tea and Mr. Fabulous…

  33. I love my fiance. I love him so much that I proposed to him. I bought him a ring (and my own) and I got down on bended knee.

    I love him because of how wonderful he is. I don’t even need to ask, he always has my tea steeping when I walk thru the door after work. Dinner is prepped and cats are fed. Never mind that he’s been up since 3am. He is amazing. πŸ™‚

    Other things I love in no particular order:

    Gel nail polish
    My nephews

  34. I love David’s tea. It’s true, ask any of my friends. I’ve tried other teas, I’ve even bought some in London! Nothing compares. I read a tweet I wrote about a year ago and this is it: “I love tea. Tea – I would like to live with you for the rest of my life. Can we be together?”

  35. I love my family!! The people I can always talk to, always have a shoulder to cry on, and they always have arms that will hug me

  36. I love my ex neighbour and will one day see her walk down the isle towards me. She is amazing and I am truly lucky!

  37. I love that every time I’m on a flight and see someone curled up with their ‘airline provided blanket’, I think of you. I will never forget that story or you telling it…..

  38. Totally a typical response, but I love my family. And given my daughter’s recent stay at Alberta Childrens’ Hospital, I love our health care system.

  39. I love a great cup of tea cozied up by the fire with my man and some John Coltrane playing in the background!

  40. I love laughter! Silliness! Laughing with my bambinos is the best! I love when my furry friends do something funny! I totally love my sister Rossana who makes me laugh! She is an amazing person! I love my life on this planet! I love dancing and music, makes me feel so alive! I love a great cup of tea curled up in my favorite chair reading a book and feeling the sun on my face! Sweet!

  41. I love me some good ole authenticity! It’s wonderful when people chose to be real! And tea. It always helps!

  42. I love going out to dinner and having conversations with people. It’s soothing to listen and share one’s own struggles, aspirations, hopes and fears, whether it’s with a lover or friends.

  43. I love my boyfriend and we both LOVE tea! We drink a cup together every night together before bed. It’s so warm and cozy, especially on a cold winter night! I’m addicted to tea and would love to share this DavidsTea prize with my boyfriend.. his name is David too! :))

  44. This year I’ve surprised myself because I am LOVING winter! And that never happens! I also love dark chocolate, my husband, and old-school music. And my cats, I guess.

  45. My boyfriend and I have been long distance for 2 and a half years now while he’s away at school. My very first Christmas with him out East, he remembered how much I love David’sTea and surprised me with one of your gift boxes. The weather was terrible for most of the trip, but we had the best nights inside cozied up testing out every flavoured in the box to see which one was our favourite. I love my boyfriend, and I love our new tradition of David’sTea on Christmas Eve πŸ™‚

  46. I love my soon-to-be husband. We are so different in many ways, but he compliments my soul the best. 75 days until our wedding!

  47. Currently, I have a great group of friends that I have tea time with every week. I love having tea with them and getting down to the core of who they are. It’s one of my favourite things that really shows me that love comes in many forms and many capacities :]

  48. I love books. I have a problem. I can’t stop buying them – new books, used books, Kindle books, professional books….actually I think I may be ADDICTED to books. Hey, obsessive love is still love right?!

  49. I love tea because it’s something I can enjoy on my own or going out and enjoying it with others.
    I love chocolate because well, it’s chocolate.
    I love Latin because it reminds me of my gramps. πŸ™‚
    And I love my family and friends because they support me no matter what. I don’t know what I did to deserve having such amazing people in my life.

  50. I love letting my dwarf hamster play freely in a bed sheet. He gets lots of exercise, gets to practice his climbing, digging and exploring, and I love watching him have so much fun!! Oh, and my amazing boyfriend, of course (but Hector the hamster entertains me more haha)

  51. I love a hot cup of chai tea accompanied by amazing macarons, courtesy of Point G in Montreal! And, I love U2 (and you, too)!


  52. I love shopping I love you I love me I love music love to make it break it wake it Neva muthafukkkn fake it!!!

  53. As genetic as it gets, I love my husband and baby. My husband and I dated in our early high school years, but didn’t survive our childish jealousies. He joined the Marine Corps when he graduated and not too long after he was discharged located me and we started dating again. We got married in October of 2011 and that December found out I was pregnant! Now our little girl is 6 months old. I couldn’t be more in love with our little family.
    Oh! And our Great Dane “puppy” and terrier mix rescue! You have to love a big floppy goofball Dane and a graying old lady dog πŸ™‚

  54. I love David’s Tea. I seriously do. I love saturday mornings, love reading. I love it when all is right with my family.

  55. I love my fiance Adam, and I would most definitely love to sit across from him all googly eyed and share this with him! Thanks for the awesome giveaway πŸ™‚

  56. I love spending time with my family and my boyfriend and my huskey pup. Happy Valentine’s day everyone πŸ™‚ Spread the love! xx

  57. I love my boyfriend Austin, he is the best ever and I would do anything for him.
    Plus weve become pretty much addicted to DavidsTea together, love Green and Fruity

  58. I love Denishan J! Our 6 year anniversary is actually on Valentine’s Day so this winning this David’s Tea prize pack would be amazinggg.

  59. I love my wonderful man with whom I am moving in to our first home together this friday :). A set of perfect tea mugs and chocolate tea would make the most perfect housewarming gift so we can start our new life together and spread the love

  60. I love that I’m falling in love with my husband all over again after having our first child things got rough but we’re stronger than ever now.

  61. I love my family, friends, music, art, animals, fashion, movies, nature, boys, food, social justice, books and sweets

  62. I love tea and I love my boyfriend (and he loves tea too!) so what could be better than tea with my sweetie <3

  63. I love my dog Scout, my boyfriend Kieran, my ridiculous family, my wonderful friends, my extensive David’s Tea collection, winter and a good nap!

  64. I lOvE peanut butter and nutella on a spoon!
    It’s my guilty pleasure.
    I can’t even be bothered by the fact that the fat content is unreal.
    It’s a classic combination.
    Lesbehonest, the two were meant to be together, on a spoon, on their way to my belly!

  65. I love cheese – all kinds of cheese. Blue cheese, goat cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese; cheese is wonderful. I wish I never got full so that I could constantly eat as much cheese as possible.
    Some cheeses actually go pretty well with tea :3

  66. I love laughter, Saturday mornings, a good book, visiting new places, fuzzy sweaters, and of course… DAVIDs TEA πŸ™‚

  67. I love my one and only, my husband he is fantastic, and I love my children and I love the extended family in word and presence. I love to share my warm introduction of friendship to all those that I never knew, and making them feel good about themselves. I love to lift their spirits when they are down as that gives me hope inside that i am not alone but we are all one. I love to see couples of all races get on and walking hand in hand down the road. I love when I can express myself in dancing to soul and write poems of ennobling quality to make myself and others see the value of one another. I love to sing and see people be lifted by the words of song . I love Montreal Canadians, I know that I will ruffle a few feathers here, lol. No harm intended though. I love to see other heal from their distress and see a sunny smile come on their faces. I love the human race and would love to see a better world that we can all make with our contribution of kindness.

    Finally I love listening to music.

    I love the song you are my starship and after the dance, and I peer into the night when I listen to that song as lights of love shine out of my heart for my loved one with tears.

    I love you all here. Have a nice day.


  68. I love my fiancΓ© who proposed to me this past December, exactly 6 years after we began dating! We also share a love of tea!

  69. If I had to make a list of the things or people I love, we would be here all day. But most importantly, I love my family and my friends, I love to eat, I love travelling and I love to wear pretty things!

  70. I love Trent University, and in order to stay awake on those long nights of writing nursing papers I need some delicious tea!

  71. I love so many things in life, but the thing I’ve learned to love the most is myself. After so much stress, abuse and pain, I’ve learned that I’m not the horrible person I thought I was. Loving yourself is so important and healthy. If you don’t love the person you are, you’ll never be able to love another to the fullest. “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one just remembers to turn on the light” -Dumbledore

  72. I love my husband!! It is going to be our very first valentines as a married couple and I look forward to expressing to him how much I appreciate him! Maybe I can start his love for chocolate teas this vday!

  73. I know it’s cliche…I love my husband. More than words can describe. He makes me laugh just as much as when we started dating πŸ™‚ I am so happy that he enjoys a nice cup of tea with me, often he asks for the tea <3

  74. I love sleep. As a single mom working 2 jobs, it’s a very special treat to get a full night’s sleep! I also love curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and watching a movie πŸ™‚

  75. Hmm, who do I love? It’s kind of an obvious answer for me… I love my husband. Not because he is handsome (although he totally is!) and not because he is smart (although in my eyes he has the intelligence of a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon combined), but because he is there for me as we blindly stumble through life together. With him, I don’t have to be something I’m not. I don’t have to be strong when I’m hurt and I don’t have to be fake to get him to like me. He loves me not matter what, and I love him ALMOST as much as I love DAVIDsTEA… just kidding… but seriously…

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Fabulous!

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  77. This giveaway is now closed.
    A big congratulations a Super _Su
    The very first person to ‘confess their love’
    Looks like the early bird catches the worm this time around!

    As for my love confession… I love the nearly 800 readers that entered this giveaway… And of course DAVIDs TEA!!

Looking forward to reading your comments!