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Stillwater Spa Giveaway

February 5, 2013

Being tall, I’ve never had a romantic fantasy of coiling up on a chilly evening in a bath tub for two.

At 6’2, folding my body into a tub is like a side show contortionist crawling into a box!

So when my friends at Stillwater Spa sent me a romantic Valentine’s Day gift basket complete with Rose Massage & Body Oil, Rose Body Cream and a Deep Relax Shower & Bath Oil

I thought I should give the gift to one of my shorter readers or a tall one with a bigger bath tub!

Stillwater spa Giveaway Basket Image

And there’s more! The Spa basket also contains a 5 piece essentials skin care intro set which will have your face primed and ready to pucker!

  • Rose Cleanser
  • Rose Skin Tonic
  • Revitalizing Face Oil
  • Triple Rose Moisturizer
  • Rose Hydrating Face Mask

So forget sending ‘real’ roses this Valentines Day, just smell like one instead!

To enter, just comment below and tell me;

“Will you be sharing Valentine’s with someone, or will you be going solo?”

A winner will be randomly chosen and notified on Friday so you can be all slicked up and ready for the Valentine’s Day prowl!

And if you’re looking for other great gift ideas for your lover… check out spa services at Stillwater.

Mr. Fab water

  1. Between various work trips, Valentines Day is about the only day my guy and I have together this month! Great giveaway, thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  2. great giveaway! 🙂

    This Valentine’s Day I will be spending it relaxing on the couch – solo, since the BF works until late at night. No complaints though because after a 12 hour work day the couch is the best place to end up lol

  3. This Valentine’s Day I will spend with the love of my life. I am thankful for every moment and I’m blessed to know true love; for my husband and for myself.

  4. Although I have a fiancé I will be spending my valentines working and then flying to Toronto where my fiancé and I will be seeing each other on the 15th

  5. I decided to spend time with my SO as well as my friends this year! My boyfriend of four years and I will be having a Valentine’s-themed party with all our friends – including heart-shaped appetizers and pink everything. Looking forward to it!!

  6. I’ll be spending the evening with my ‘lobster’ and I guarantee we will both be sound asleep on the couch by 9:00 and most likely with Jeopardy on the tv.

  7. The Boyf – first year he’s not away (last year he was in Singapore too!) so looking forward to it xx

  8. I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with my husband. Dinner and champagne at home.
    Thanks for the chance to win this great basket from Stillwater.

  9. Since my partner isn’t very romantic Mr. Fab, I will need something to do on Vday!! I could pamper myself with this wonderful spa kit!!

  10. I will spending my Valentine’s day with the same fellow I have spending the last 30 Valentine’s day.:)

Looking forward to reading your comments!