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Bye Bye Penny

February 4, 2013

Today’s the day the penny has been sent to exile, never to return!

Finally the troublesome copper will no longer weigh our pockets down and peeve us off when we are 1 short whilst paying for our purchases.

Canadian Penny Discontinued

Canada has spear headed the death of the useless denomination and hopefully other countries will follow.

So what will it look like when your total is $25.02?

Well lucky you, it’s like a mini lottery and you just came out the winner!

2 centsround down
3 cents round up

Canadian Penny rounding chart

I’m excited to go out and spend today, I want to see which retailers have properly trained their mathematicians.

But I do have one question… What will happen to the 1 cent candies?!… I guess they’re free now!

Mr. Fab ye bye bye penny

  1. I never thought about the one cent candies. Maybe they will have a minimum of 5 – but I do like the idea of free. 🙂

  2. Why do we have any coins less than a quarter? Nothing is worth less than 25c except.. again.. candies.

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