Go Broke!

January 31, 2013

It’s payday and the money is burning a hole in your pocket faster than Tokyo drift. But the mall is 20 minutes away, and you need to blow your life savings now!

Well thanks to my good friend Lamiley and her introduction to thisiswhyimbroke I’ll soon be Mr. Homeless!

No matter your budget, the site features a compilation of ridiculous junk you never knew you needed… and it’s available at all costs!

Yes millionaires, you can finally own your own personal Killer Whale Submarine!

Killer Whale Submarine

Listed for a cool $100,000 you could be the king of the swimming pool this summer!

But for those budget friendly shoppers such as myself, here are 3 amazing finds I’d be happy to add to my shopping bag.

The Flask Tie

Flask Tie Hidden booze

Ever show up to a wedding only to be told it’s “dry”?

Well now you’ll be looking sharp AND be the life of the party!

How about the Toxic Ooze Nightlight

Toxic ooze drip night light

I know when I wake up mid-slumber, I like to be disoriented and panicked that all hell has broken loose with my plumbing… well at least I’ll be able to see.

And my personal favourite;

the Cat DJ Scratching Pad!

Cat Scratching Post DJ Turn Tables Cat DJ

Because sometimes when I sit at home alone, I want to pretend I’m a VIP in a very exclusive club having a world-class feline DJ spinning the beats!

With so many absurd inventions to throw your hard-earned pay at, you’ll be broke by Monday!

So stop what ever you’re doing right now and go ‘broke’!

Mr. Fab argin hunter


Looking forward to reading your comments!