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Tasty Tuesday (NEW Chocolate!)

January 29, 2013

Last month while I was checking my mailbox, hidden between the A&W coupons and bank statements, I found a delightful surprise.

A package from Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut / Cococo

Inside the envelope was a new concoction, a large and delicious sounding chocolate bar.


Rosemary Fusion

A milk chocolate tablet infused with rosemary and thyme, hand finished with habanero sea salt.


Now before I get into what this bar tastes like, just know that I love rosemary… it is the herb that can do no wrong by me.

So as to have a fair evaluation, I decided to test the bar with my cousins and their friends.

Here were my 2 favorite comments.

  • “Tastes like a turkey dinner, it’s like a chocolate gravy.”
  • “That is some salty and spicy chocolate!” as she fans her mouth

Yes, a spicy habanero festive turkey dinner with all the fixings… a perfect way to explain the taste of this very unique bar.

So if you’re into the holidays feasts… this is the perfect indulgence for you!

Mr. Fab mary infusion

  1. Thanks for the great review, Mr. Fabulous! Cococo Chocolatiers is proud to own Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut®. We still handcraft the finest-quality traditional Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut products here in Calgary, but we are very excited to be making new and uniquely modern chocolate creations under the Cococo brand name too!

  2. This is the most wonderful chocolate I have ever eaten. Am at my daughter’s in Calgary and no kidding, I have eaten two of these chocolate bars in two days ($13 each!!!) They are so addictive.

Looking forward to reading your comments!