Be Schmancy!

January 25, 2013

Last night drinks where flowing, and fashion pulled out all the stops for a stylish pre-event for the up coming Schmancy; an amazing night of arts and culture brought to us by Glenbow.

Schmancy Style Glenbow Calgary (7)

Last year with no pre party to help me find my inner Schmancy, I had to weed through my closet looking for an outfit that would fit the theme.

But what is Schmancy?

To me, it’s finding that outfit that you love!

Schmancy Style Glenbow Calgary (5)

Leather tasles, leopard silk tops, or a half of a broom handle in your hair; if you feel like a million bucks, then you’re Schmancy!

The evening included an amazing fashion show with some of my favourite models strutting amazingly styled outfits sponsored by Holt Renfrew.

Model for Schmancy KIM

The stylists did an amazing job, keeping things light and playful.

The mix of patterns, fabrics and styles show that us that anything goes when it comes to Schmancy style!

Schmancy Style Glenbow Calgary (9)

Hungry for more fashion, I wound my way through the party making a quick stop at the vegetable bar, after all this WAS a fashion event.

Schmancy Style Glenbow Calgary (4)

Falsely full and slightly energized, I made my way through the crowd looking for more Schmancy fashion pairings.

Schmancy Style Glenbow Calgary (10)

floral clutch with sexy tassel and golden hardware had me eating up this look.

And women weren’t the only ones with their accessories!

Schmancy Style Glenbow Calgary (1)

Now because I may not fit some of the designers I long to wear, when all else fails, great accessories keep me going.

Schmancy Style Glenbow Calgary (2)

A polk-a-dot blazer from Top Shop and a Marc by Marc lucky rabbits foot were all I needed to feel Schmancy!

But for ladies, I found it was the footwear that kept them feeling the part!

Schmancy Style Glenbow Calgary (6)

Bright tights and heels, a perfect pairing to keep eloquent and warm!

As the night carried on the crowd mingled and some even shook their tail feathers to the beats of notable DJ Mickey D Roza

Schmancy Style Glenbow Calgary (8)

A perfect night of fashion and friends; a great lead up to the grand event next week….


Thanks for the inspiration, I’ll be there in style!

Mr. Fab mancy

  1. Great recap! It was such a fun evening. I was truly pumped to see so many beautiful people and amazing friends out to support Glenbow Museum and SCHMANCY! I loved the fashions (Holts Stylists did an amazing job) and can’t wait to go shopping already 🙂 Thinking bright blue or orange pants with a great shirt and maybe one of those tiny bow-ties. What do you think?!

    See you Feb 9th!

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